A song for people who don't know what to do

When I was going through my 'there are so many things to do and I don't know which one to pick' time a few years ago, I had a playlist of songs that I listened to a lot. It was called Change and included songs that resonated with me at the time. 

One song in particular was Amazing Life by Clare Bowditch. The lyrics tumble through a range of things that she wants to do—learn a language, write a novel, travel, make music—leading to the chorus: 

You want an amazing life But you can't decide ... You don't have to choose just one thing But you have to start with something. 

Listen to the full song below:

This song soothed me. It took the pressure off having to choose just one thing to do for the rest of my life, opening myself up to all sorts of possibilities, but also driving home the importance of choosing something to start with.

You can be awesome at a whole lot of things, but if you let yourself dance with indecision, you'll never get to any of it. 

My new course can help you get started on your amazing life. I'll lead you through the steps I took all those years ago to create clarity and confidence, and head off in a new direction. Most importantly, it leaves space for you to follow a few different paths, so you can go on to learn a language, write a novel, travel, make music ... whatever your own heart desires.

We start on May 1, find out more here

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