Are you living in the when?

Don't schedule in your life change for the future, start now.

Ah, the when. Those precious times of ‘when this happens, I’ll do that’. Like, ‘when I get pay rise I’m going to save money for a house deposit’ or ‘when work is less stressful then I’ll have more time to look for a job I'll like better’ or ‘I’ll mediate when I’m not so busy’.

Often, this when doesn’t arrive. Time chugs along on its merry way and you can spend years treading water just waiting to make change to happen.

The honest truth is that time moves on regardless. You might think 'well if I go back to study, by the time I finish my degree I'll be 40'. Well my friend, you're going to turn 40 regardless, so you may as well study and learn something along the way. 

So instead of waiting for that perfect moment, go forth and make something happen NOW.

Instead of whinging and complaining about how little time you have to do things, turn that whinging time into productive time. I have often found myself feeling like a time-victim, and then I think ‘well, if I have time to binge a whole series of something on Netflix, then I sure as hell have the time to do _____’. It’s about prioritising, committing, seeing something through. And once you commit to making the change, that’s when the magic really happens.

Set yourself small, daily tasks that will help you create momentum.

Put aside money each week no matter how small the amount, walk for 10min a day, carve out 5min in your day to meditate—once you create the foundations you can build on it. The best change comes from small, consistent action, so sit down and work out how you can make your dreams happen now. 

Sitting all snuggled up in your when-zone waiting for something to happen to you isn’t going to bring the growth and change you desire. You need to help it along, step-by-step, in the now.

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