Are you ready to go all in?

Last week I went to a gathering of amazing women. One of them said that she’d had a few other things on that night, but had chosen to come to this, to which another replied that ‘I chose to come to this’ is one of the biggest compliments that you can give in this day and age. 

I chose this over everything else I could have done. 

Life is full of choices. Of the food we eat, the events we go to, the people we can spend time with. We hedge our bets by ticking ‘interested’ on Facebook events and wait until the last minute to make a decision. 

And this plethora of choice permeates into every aspect of our lives. There are so many people we could be dating, so many careers we could have, so many places to travel to. 

Not only are we overwhelmed with choice, we are determined to make the right one every time. So afraid of choosing the wrong thing, we can procrastinate on making a decision, or not fully commit to our choices. 

This does us a disservice. 

By always having one eye out looking for something better, we don't fully appreciate where we are. By not trusting ourselves, being fearful of our decisions, we delay getting started.

Let me say that I am very pleased that I live in a time and a place that allows me to have so many choices. I recognise that that is a gift—not everyone is as lucky. So I want to honour this gift and give it the respect it deserves. 

For me, respecting my decisions has been learning how to balance my emotional and intellectual self. I tune into my heart as well as my head. My heart tells me what it is I want to do, then I let my head take over the details as to how it will be done. 

And that is what I teach others. 

I take them through expressing what they want to do, and why (heart) and then into the how and when (head). 

For when you have this connection, you can go all in with your decisions.

For the first time, I am opening this up to a small group for five weeks of diving deep into this process

Join us if you are having trouble deciding what it is you want in your life, feel like you are lacking in confidence, are overwhelmed by how to get it done. Learn the process so you can refer to it again and again. 

Are you ready to go all in? 

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