Are you stuck in the corridor?

Sometimes change involves staying in the same place for awhile.

My friend’s mum has a saying: one door closes and another door opens—but it can be a bitch being stuck in the corridor.

I feel a bit stuck in the corridor at the moment. A sense of being in limbo, of waiting. Knowing that change is just around the corner but unsure of what that might look like, and being both excited and apprehensive. 

How many times have you been waiting in the corridor? Perhaps something has ended—a relationship, a job—or maybe you had decided that a situation wasn’t right for you and you were trying your hardest to find the next opportunity but nothing was happening. You were there in the corridor, alternately pacing and trying to break the damn door down, feeling frustrated and stuck and wondering if you would ever get out. 

Instead of seeing your time in the corridor as annoying and frustrating, see it as a time for reflection.

- There was a reason that the door closed behind you—what was that reason? Why did it happen? What have you learnt from the experience?

- Then, to make the next door open—what do you want to see on the other side? Where do you want to go? How do you want to feel? Who do you want to be? 

- After that comes the hardest part: harnessing patience and trust that the next door will open when the time is right.

Personally I find this challenging, as I have an inner Veruca Salt who stamps her foot and wants everything now. Some things that I do to make this period a little easier: Free-writing in my journal helps to order my thoughts. Meditation helps calm me. Exercise clears my head. Focusing on what I already have brings me back to the present and away from worrying or overly fantasising about the future (hello gratitude practise). 

There will be many corridors that you find yourself in during your life (it's the nature of life). So remember: the next door will open—it always does—and the work you put in while in the corridor will enhance what you find on the other side. 

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