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Bring back balance

New Moon in Libra, October 2020

The sign of Libra concerns herself with how she relates to others. Always one to want balance and harmony, she strives to find a common ground and to use her diplomatic skills to ensure that everyone feels like they got what they wanted. This is the second of the two signs ruled by Venus (the first is Taurus) and this is where the relationship side of Venus really comes into play.

While the Full Moon in Libra six months ago felt like it was more about how we connect with others, it is the other aspects of Libra—those which want balance and harmony, decision making, diplomacy—that are coming into play at this New Moon.

Life is out of balance in many ways right now and chances are you aren’t completely feeling like yourself. The key is to find a way to fill the gap, make more time for what is important to you, round out your life.

As a personal example, I have felt like during lockdown I have lacked the stimulation that I need to feed my creativity. When I dug deeper into this, it went beyond just being able to leave my 5km bubble or go to galleries or the theatre, but that I missed doing something joyful with other people. So I signed up to an online singing club. There is a goal of learning the songs, plus singing with others which brings me joy and helps balance me out in the way I need.

I have recorded a meditation on the theme of balance. It is intuitively channeled, and I hope that it helps bring you the answer as to what you need to bring more balance into your life.

This New Moon doesn’t feel like a time to make any sudden, big life changes. More just a few tweaks. The personal planets aren’t at their strongest: Mercury has just begun its retrograde in Scorpio, Mars is also retrograde (directly opposite this New Moon) and Venus is busy over in Virgo getting practical and trying to sort out the detail of things.

There’s also some awkward angles with the Full Moon, Mars and the planets in Capricorn. The key to ease the tension here is to look to the sign of Cancer, asking yourself how you can be more caring, compassionate and nurturing to yourself over the next few days as you review where you’re at and what you need.

So set the intention to make a decision about the thing you’ve been weighing up, tie up loose ends, lean more into balance.

The exact time of the New Moon is:

AEST: Saturday 17 October @ 6.31am

United Kingdom: Friday 16 October @ 8.31pm

US Eastern: Friday 16 October @ 3.31pm

US Pacific: Friday 16 October @ 12.31pm

Find your timezone here.


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