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Change your view

There used to be a tree in a neighbour’s yard that I could see out my window. One day, they cut the tree down, I assume because there was risk of the tree falling down during high winds and causing damage to property.

It changed my view, and each time I looked out my window it felt odd as the scene wasn’t what I was used to. After a few days, I got used to the new landscape. Now when I look out the window I can’t even remember what that tree looked like, or how it fit into the environment around it.

When change initially happens it can feel odd, like something is missing, even if you were letting go of something for a good reason (because it is safer to let it go than keep it, because you have outgrown it, because it is no longer for you).

It is fear that often stops us from making changes in our lives, from taking that leap, from working toward what we want.

It’s the fear of ‘what will my life look like without this (metaphorical) tree in my life? Will I like the view? What if it changes everything?’

Even when we know that cutting down the tree is the best thing to do, it can still feel daunting. The process appears too hard and you wonder how you could ever begin such a task.

Just as an arborist will safely cut down a tree branch by branch, creating change in our lives is a series of steps. Once you know the formula, you can follow it again and again anytime you want to make a change.

My Great Goals Masterclass will show you how to easily create the changes you want in your life. Receive a recording, to watch at your leisure, and a workbook to help you through the exercises. Get it here.

Make the change and start enjoying your new outlook on life.


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