Cosmic Playlists

Updated: Jan 16

Music to connect you with your chart

When I first started studying astrology there were some signs that I found difficult to connect to—I didn't quite get the intricacies of how they expressed themselves. So to help me feel into each sign, I started making playlists.

At first it started organically. I would listen to a song and think 'oh, this is so Capricorn', so would save it. This then grew to me creating playlists for each Full Moon to help people (and myself!) feel into the energy and themes.

These playlists don't have to be limited just to a Full Moon. In fact, I encourage you to listen to them whenever you need to connect to that part of your chart.

The full list of playlists are below, and are constantly being added to each month. Follow me on Spotify to be notified when a new one goes live (around the time of the Full Moon each month) or keep an eye out on my Instagram, Facebook or email list for the links.


From October 2020

From October 2021


From October 2020

From November 2021 (Lunar Eclipse)


From November 2020

From December 2021


From December 2020

From January 2022


From February 2020

From January 2021


From March 2020

From March 2021


From April 2020

From April 2021


From May 2020

From April 2021


From June 2020

From May 2021


From July 2020

From June 2021


From August 2020

From July 2021

From August 2021