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Cruise Control

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

New Moons are normally about setting our intentions, about choosing the action we need to take to reach our goals.

But in saying that, the Full Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on Boxing Day comes with a twist.

This time around, we don't really need to state our intention. By now (if you've been following along and doing the work each month) you should feel clear on what it is you are striving toward. If not, don't stress. The thing to do this month is to switch on the cruise control, lean back, and allow what you don't need to naturally fall away.

Eclipses bring sudden endings and changes. If we aren't in alignment with our true path, they are a chance for the Universe to course-correct us.

Change is the name of the game and you are a player whether you like it or not. Hung onto that job a little too long? You might suddenly find yourself with a tidy redundancy package. In a relationship with someone no longer right for you? You'll feel the push to end it (or they will do it for you).

The narrative of this eclipse will have been following you throughout 2019, with the eclipses every six months in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn. For me, Capricorn rules my fourth house of home, family, foundations (and is also where my Sun is) and Cancer is where my midheaven and north node are—my outer world. I have experienced sudden changes in my home life and my career this past year around the eclipses, plus a sense of really coming home to myself. I can feel the stirrings of more things to come before this cycle ends.

So think back: What happened for you in January and July of 2019?

The final set of eclipses in these signs will happen in June/July of 2020, where we will see this current narrative wind itself up and the beginnings of a new one begin.

The thing to remember is that you will not be given anything that you can’t handle. Even if things feel tough, this is an opportunity to harness your inner strength, to dig deep into your own resources and discover just what it is you are made of.

You can't f*ck it up.

So with that in mind, release trying to control the circumstances right now. And yes as I type that I realise how difficult that can be, especially as we are in Capricorn Season, and Cappy likes to remain in control (I'm speaking from personal experience here). But the more you let go and allow, the easier the changes will be.

You are going in the right direction. Trust in your intuition. Keep following the path.

The exact time of the New Moon is:

AEDT: Thursday 26 December @ 4.13pm

United Kingdom: Thursday 26 December @ 5.13am

US Eastern: Wednesday 25 December @ 9.13pm

US Pacific: Thursday 26 December @ 12.13am

Click here to find your timezone


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