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Dreaming with our eyes wide open

New Moon in Aquarius

Here we are. We’ve emerged from the intense board meeting in Capricorn where Pluto, Saturn and the eclipses handed out sudden redundancies and restructured our lives. As we stand blinking in the bright light and wondering what will come next, out of the shadows steps the Aquarius New Moon. It holds out its hand and beckons, ‘Take the world and redefine it’, it says. ‘You’ll never be the same’.

This New Moon is intoxicating. It’s charming and charismatic. But most of all, it knows.

It knows that now is the time, that your vision is true and real. It knows that your dreams no longer feel unattainable, that they are within your grasp. And unlike Capricorn who is concerned with the practical side of things, Aquarius doesn’t really care if what you want has been done before. In fact, it relishes that you are forging a new path to a brand new destination.

This Aquarius New Moon is the inspirational Ring Master. It has a unique vision for our lives and is gathering all the elements, coaxing us out of the shadows and leading the show.

It is showing us our uniqueness, our value, our courage and how special we all are. It is showing us the possibilities and the joyful fantasy before turning it all into reality before our very eyes. Dreaming, oh yes. But also knowing that our dreams will come true when we believe in them.

It knows that we are tired of life’s drudgery, that we are longing to be seen for who we are and what it is we have to offer. It knows we are yearning for something more and that in order to get there we have to do things differently.

Humans like to feel safe so they tend to find a group to belong to and stick with what they know. But humans also admire difference—that person who goes against the grain and does something amazing and adventurous.

The sign of Aquarius blends the two: doing something different and revolutionary for the benefit of the collective.

For me, the Aquarius New Moon is personified by Hugh Jackman’s performance as P. T. Barnum in The Greatest Showman. If you haven’t seen the movie, go watch it now. Or at the very least watch this clip—it basically shows you everything I’m about to say.

Barnum knows that the public want more, that they are tired of monotony and want a place where they can feel that the impossible is possible. And he knows that the people in his show have what the public are yearning for.

In The Greatest Showman, the circus performers were all living isolated lives before Barnum brought them together, which is when they learnt to embrace what made them a ‘freak’. And through being themselves they brought something different and new to the wider public who came to watch—helping bring joy and light to their lives, if only for a few hours a week.

Which group do you want to belong to?

+ The audience who watches from the darkness then goes home to their normal, mundane lives, always dreaming but never acting on these dreams.


+ The performers, the group that is a little bit different, but daring to own who they are and admired by others for their uniqueness and courage.

The second group? I thought so. And so does the Aquarius New Moon.

Aquarius doesn’t really care about being perceived as a freak. It’s too focused on its own vision to worry about what others think.

Aquarius finds happiness in changing the status quo and being its true self. And it also knows that those who call it a freak are secretly fascinated by what it is doing, and in a few years time will follow suit.

The Aquarius New Moon is not acting alone. As usual, there are other planets in play and they are here to sing and dance alongside their Ring Master (after all, they are ready for a party after all that Capricorn hard work).

‘Come one, come all!’ sings Aquarius.

‘To anyone bursting with a dream!’ chime in Venus and Neptune in Pisces.

‘To anyone searching for a way to break free!’ continues Uranus in Taurus.

‘You’re more than you could ever be!’ adds Jupiter in Capricorn.

‘And you know you can't go back again, to the world that you were living in’, finish Saturn and Pluto.

The intentions and focus we set now have the power to not only influence 2020 but the next five years. Take note of any flashes of inspiration around this New Moon and trust your instincts.

Life has changed for all of us recently. We can’t go back to the way things were, so we may as well join the chorus.

‘You’re dreaming with your eyes wide open’, sings Barnum to them, to us, to himself. ‘So come alive!’

The exact time of the New Moon is:

AEDT: Saturday 25 January @ 8.42am

United Kingdom: Friday 24 January @ 9.42pm

US Eastern: Friday 24 January @ 4.42pm

US Pacific: Friday 24 January @ 1.42pm

Click here to find your timezone

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