Fall in love with the process

Take your focus off the end point and learn to love the moment you are in.

In a workshop last week I was asked 'what do you do when it feels like things are taking a long time?'

Let's get real here. Some things take a long time. We have become so used to getting things quickly that when things take longer than we think they should, our patience runs out and we give up.

Our inner voice says 'I am bored with this and it is hard, I want something easy'.

In a world of fast internet speeds, TV shows and movies on demand and being able to shop when it suits us, no wonder we have trained ourselves to expect things straight away. I am yet to find a way to get 'goals on demand', so until that happens, here are a few things that help keep me motivated.

Change your language

I run goal-setting workshops, I help people work toward their goals. And yet I find myself starting to shift away from the 'g' word and inserting others in its place: desires, aspiration, intention, aim, objective, purpose, target, outcome, vision. Maybe the word goal seems too clinical for you, and you feel more motivated working toward your desires.

Set yourself milestones

There are key points that happen along the way to your end goal. Work out what these are, and instead of always looking toward the end point, set your focus on reaching the next milestone. You will feel better because you will be constantly ticking off mini-goals, giving you a sense of accomplishment. For instance, training for a marathon can mean you set yourself milestones of becoming fit enough to run 10K, 15K, 20K etc.

Focus on the process, not the end point

A lot goes into achieving a goal. Take the marathon example again. It's not just the event on the day, but every training session you did, sacrificing late nights out for early morning runs, feeding yourself the right food so your body was at its peak. So, reward yourself for every little thing you do. I give myself a sticker whenever I do something on my action list. Each sticker is worth a point, and at the end of the month, I add them all up, convert the point to dollars and give myself a reward. It is motivating as the more I do, the better the reward. Plus, it gives me a visual representation of what I did during the month. This helps me fall in love with the process.

Get a cheer squad

It can get lonely when you are working away on your own thing all of the time. Get yourself a buddy or group of buddies you can call when you hit your milestones, or for support when you are feeling low. Work with a coach or mastermind (like my course Your Bespoke Life), join a relevant Facebook group. Knowing that there are others out there who have your back makes the process more sociable and fun.

Do you have anything to add to this list? Let me know.

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