Feeling unsettled?

How to get grounded when the winds of change are blowing.

Currently in Melbourne we are experiencing a lot of windy days. I don't really like wind. It makes me feel unsettled and irritated. But last week a yoga teacher of mine said that the wind comes at the end of the season, to blow away winter and let the spring in, and suddenly my feelings toward wind changed. I'm ready for spring. 

I feel like this is also true for ourselves—at certain times in our lives circumstances come up to blow out thought patterns, belief systems, people, places, that we no longer need in order to create space for the new. 

As we can often base a lot of our identity on our beliefs or who is in our life, this can unsettle us somewhat. We want to hold onto the old and familiar even when we know it is no longer for us. It feels like there is security in 'how it's always been' even though deep down we know it isn't for us anymore. 

Often we even get pushed to the point where the fear of staying feels far worse than the fear of leaping into the unknown.

In my own experience, what helps me when I am going through a period of change is:


Just getting still for even a few minutes can help clear the constant chatter and bring you closer to your intuition. (If you are new to meditation, check out Insight Timer for some great guided meditations.)


Don't beat yourself up because you don't know what you want, or feel like things should be better. Talk kindly to yourself. Put your hand on your heart and let yourself know that you doing everything you should be, that where you are right now is perfect and it is okay if you are feeling a little wobbly. 


Write it out! Don’t censor yourself, just let your thoughts flow. Often the act of simply getting the thoughts out of our heads and onto the page can help us start to see things in a different way. (Also, a little meditation right before you pick up your pen works a treat.)

Move your body

Go for a walk, a yoga class, dance around the house to Beyonce. Physical activity is an amazing way to move the energy around your body and clear your mind.

Talk to a friend

Or even, talk to a stranger (or coach!) or find a women's or men's group in your area for support. Often talking it out with someone can have the same effect as journalling, and it is uncanny how others have experienced or are experiencing the same thing you are going through. 

Questioning is not bad. Not knowing is also not bad. It is a chance to check in with ourselves and help connect with what we want to do. So next time you find the winds of change blowing through your life, know it is leading you to the next wonderful thing. 

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