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Floating with the tide

New Moon in Pisces

At the moment, time feels elastic. The day seems to stretch out in front of you, and then before you know it you have 5min to get everything done; you’re tired, and then when you get to bed you get a surge of energy with your mind working overtime. Full of energy, then suddenly tired. Focused, then distracted down many rabbit holes. Clear, then foggy.

Welcome to Pisces season.

It’s a beautiful, creative energy. It allows us to be inspired, to feel connected to others. It drops ideas into our laps and when we follow our intuition we are rewarded with outcomes beyond what we had dreamed of.

This New Moon, the Piscean energy is amplified with Neptune and Mercury (swimming backwards in its retrograde) both in the sign of the fishies.

Salmon and other fish such as cod and rainbow trout reach a point in their lifecycle where they follow a particular scent which leads them back to the location of their birth. So they swim upstream to calmer waters, where they can lay their eggs without fear of them being swept away by strong currents. A week after the adult fish have spawned their eggs, they die. But the younger fish have the right food sources and things to keep them alive, they grow, and swim on the easy currents downstream. There they grow bigger, stronger, and eventually make their way upstream to spawn, and the whole cycle begins again.

For us, it’s the same kind of thing. We have an idea, make the tough swim upstream to give birth to it in calmer waters, allow the idea to grow stronger then cruise downstream where it grows stronger and gets bigger. And then maybe that idea wants to give birth to another, so the process starts again.

And if we are too hasty and try to give birth to our ideas in the quicker-moving waters, they risk getting swept away before they can mature.

So the lesson here is to take our time, follow our instincts, allow our ideas the time and space to incubate and gestate in calm waters, and allow them the time they need to get strong enough to swim back downstream.

The key words are instincts, intuition, imagination—for Pisces is the dreamer, the mystic, the romantic. It reminds us that we are all connected and of the spiritual love we have for all mankind.

In this day and age we can become so caught up in the doing (very Virgo, the opposite sign of Pisces) and forget to tap into the spiritual side of our being. We forget to tap into flow. Pisces reminds us that we are more than just doers. And while we shouldn’t live full-time in the realm of imagination, it is a wonderful—and necessary— place to visit.

The Mercury retrograde in Pisces will essentially force us to feel into things, rather than think into things.

So if you feel you can’t concentrate lately or make a decision, this is why. Meditating to drop more fully into your gut instinct and exercising to help you ground into your physical body are a must right now and will help you more than I can express.

It’s not all watery energy—Mars has recently joined Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn. With all this earth we will be called back to the here and now and feel the call to get to work. Pisces is here to water the earth—after all, nothing can grow in dry, cracked soil. It’s fertilizing the seeds we have planted so that they can grow into something amazing.

This is a time where we can learn the joy of doing and being—of the balance of taking action, then leaning back to receive. Look out for moments of inspiration, people coming out of thin air with the exact thing you need. And open your heart to the possibilities of life.

The exact time of the New Moon is:

AEST: Monday 24 February @ 2.32am

United Kingdom: Sunday 23 February @ 3.32pm

US Eastern: Sunday 23 February @ 10.32am

US Pacific: Sunday 23 February @ 7.32am

Click here to find your timezone

Watch for my weekly energy update and a guided meditation for this New Moon in Pisces.


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