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Foundations, goals and being a Renaissance human

Full Moon in Taurus

It’s now time to come up from under the watery depths of our psyches and onto terra firma. To bring what we have uncovered about ourselves this Scorpionic season—with the New Moon in Scorpio and Mercury’s retrograde—and use this for our own personal Renaissance.

It’s time to be bold, visionary and create a lasting legacy.

Taurus is a sign that enjoys slowing down and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. It likes to feel the earth below its feet, to have good food in its belly, nice things around it. Taurus likes to feel safe and secure. It never hurries. It takes its time and is patient and persistent. And this is the message we need to take from this Full Moon. To enjoy the things in our lives. To lay foundations for what will make us feel safe and secure, even if we have to wait awhile before it fully materialises.

I was recently reminded about the story of the Duomo in Florence (thanks to The Water Trio). At the time they started building in 1296, they didn’t have the know-how to erect the now-famous dome roof. But this didn’t deter architect Arnolfo di Cambio—knowing that by the time they got to that part of the building, the technology would have caught up with his vision. It wasn’t until 1418, after delays and setbacks (including the Black Death), and under the helm of the third lead architect on the project (after the death of di Cambio and his successor Giotto), that they were ready for the dome to be built. Still not knowing exactly how it could be done, they ran an architectural design competition, and in 1436 the dome was completed, being the first ‘octagonal; dome in history to be built without a temporary wooden supporting frame.

140 years to build. And then they had to decorate. The judges of The Block would not be impressed with that time-management.

Twenty years ago I talked my way onto the Italian school trip (I didn’t study Italian or Art, the requisite subjects, but I wanted to go to Italy so made it happen). We spent a week in Florence, and I remember being completely in awe of the Duomo’s presence in the city. It filled my heart to hurry past it every day; the pealing bells signalling that I was late to language class.

Arnolfo di Cambio had a vision that he knew he wouldn’t live to see, and didn’t really know how it would be possible, but he wanted to build it anyway. To see what could be done. To create a legacy that is still standing 723 years after the first stone was laid. A legacy that leaves an impact. And it is still the largest brick dome ever constructed.

Patience, persistence, having a team around you and asking for help to achieve your vision. Starting even if you don’t know how the roof will be built. Starting even if you don’t know if you will see the true extent of what you are creating. And enjoying the process. That is the message from Taurus this Full Moon.


+ What are you building? What legacy are you leaving for others?

+ Have you started? Why/why not?

+ What part of your dreams/goals are you unsure about?

+ What assistance can you ask for and from whom?

+ How do you deal with setbacks?

+ What can you do to make the process more enjoyable for yourself?

The exact time of the Full Moon is:

AEDT: Wednesday 13 November @ 12.34am

United Kingdom: Tuesday 12 November @ 1.34pm

US Eastern: Tuesday 12 November @ 8.34am

US Pacific: Tuesday 12 November @ 5.34am

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