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Full Moon in Aries

9/10 October 2022

As with any Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are winking at each other from opposite sides of the zodiac. A Full Moon brings to light how we are in relationship with other people, ideas, things, even ourselves. This is always extra prominent when we are in the Aries–Libra axis which is the dance of the we and the me—balancing the needs of relationships (Libra) with our individual needs (Aries).

The Moon is conjunct Chiron which holds the key to our wounds and our healing. It is what scratches beneath the surface which is coming up for examination here. It might not be a specific event but rather a sense of not feeling like we can express who we truly are, like we have to conform to other people’s expectations or sense of who they want us to be.

But … when you try to please everyone you end up pleasing no-one, least of all yourself. This Full Moon wants you to look at the times when you twisted and turned yourself to suit someone else. Those times you tried to fit in and agreed with others in order to feel accepted.

This Full Moon wants us to embrace our sovereignty, knowing that our relationships will improve when we approach each other from a space of wholeness. It’s about putting on your own oxygen mask first so that you are then in a better place to help others.

Shouldn’t you be loved for being completely and unapologetically you?

This Full Moon is ruled by Mars, and as it is currently slowly waaaay down as it gets ready to station retrograde on October 31 there can be feelings of frustration that we aren’t moving forward quickly enough for our liking. Mars is also square to Neptune, throwing up all sorts of smoke and mirrors so we can’t be sure what’s right or true. We can feel confused at all the directions that we could go in or distracted by all the information others give us.

Again, it is about coming back to our own sense of self. Ask yourself what feels good for you. Do some automatic writing; pay attention to the messages that your dreams have; clear some of those old stories.

Dive deeper into the themes and learn practical ways to work through the stickier parts of the retrograde in my Mars Retrograde Webinar on Saturday 15 October at 10am AEDT. It will be recorded so if you can’t make it live you can watch it later.

The end of October brings eclipse season which promises more shifts and shake-ups. Be prepared by using this Full Moon to let go of the old and step into the next version of you.

What are your needs? What is your responsibility to yourself? And how are you showing up for others?

The exact time of the Full Moon is:

AEDT: Monday 10 October @ 7.54am

United Kingdom: Sunday 9 October @ 9.54pm

US Eastern: Sunday 9 October @ 4.54pm

US Pacific: Sunday 9 October @ 1.54pm

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