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Full Moon in Cancer

17/18 January 2022

With so much energy at the moment in Aquarius and Capricorn this Full Moon in Cancer comes to remind us of the power of love and importance of nurturing ourselves.

Cancer represents home, family, the nurturing mother archetype. It is the natural home of the Moon, the place where La Luna ebbs and flows.

The crab is the symbol of Cancer, carrying its home on its back and being able to easily retreat into it when it needs to protect its softness. Right now I see many people who are naturally retreating into their homes, to self-isolate and protect themselves from this wave of Covid, physically embodying the energy of the crab. But in addition to this, I ask you: how often do you retreat into your heart?

Being in the heart can feel daunting to many. It is a sensitive place. It can be a place swirling with past hurts, disappointment and grief which we don’t want to revisit. But also, it is a place which is pure. When we act from the heart, there is no manipulation or twisting of the tale.

As the Moon grows to her fullest this month, we are invited to tap into the purity of our heart, to ask it what it wants and allow ourselves to hear her whispers. We need to listen to what it is we need to feel safe and secure right now, then use the energy of the last few days of Capricorn season to help plot out how we will make this a reality.

Full Moons often have a big external oopmh about them, yet this one with the energy of Cancer and both Venus and Mercury in retrograde is more internal. We are more reflective. After all, Cancer is a water sign and when you look at a body of water you see a reflection of yourself staring back at you.

With Pluto conjunct this Full Moon the intensity of what you feel may be turned up to 11. Pluto is powerful and is here to dig up what we no longer need so we can process it and move on. Things aren’t happening to you, they are happening for you.

During the first couple of weeks of March there will be some big planet energy ushering in more dynamic social change. Knowing this is ahead makes the time that we have now to tap into our hearts and our emotional needs extra important.

The following is something that we will be able to revisit again and again over the year ahead. Close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and breathe. Ask yourself how you are feeling. Ask yourself what you need. It is a way to anchor yourself while the world swirls around you.

This Full Moon, come home to yourself. Nurture yourself. Love yourself.

The exact time of the Full Moon is:

AEDT: Tuesday 18 January @ 10.48am

United Kingdom: Monday 17 January @ 11.48pm

US Eastern: Monday 17 January @ 6.48pm

US Pacific: Monday 17 January @ 3.48pm

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