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Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Moon in Capricorn, 24/25 June 2021

After the wildness of eclipse season we now turn our attention to the Capricorn Full Moon. This brings in some earth to ground us, to get us thinking about the practical steps we need to take now that the fog is lifting.

Perhaps you feel fatigued right now, that you think it’s not worth making plans because they might change. It all feels very uncertain.

Regardless of how the world is right now, it is still important to connect to your goals: what it is you want to achieve, the legacy you want to leave.

Cancer rules the fourth house of home, our private life. Capricorn rules the tenth house of career, recognition, what the world knows of us. It’s this dance between the inner and the outer that we have been playing with. For many, there has been a merging of these worlds over the past 18 months as lockdowns and restrictions have had us working from home. Our family has seen how we are at work, and our colleagues have seen our homes, our pets, who we live with. It has felt like a dissolving of boundaries. How do you flow between the two? How do they complement each other?

This Full Moon Saturn is in charge. As the ruler of Capricorn it wants us to learn our lessons and learn them properly—no matter how long it takes. Like the archetypal strict Father figure, Saturn wants us to do the work. It knows that with a bit of focus and discipline we can all reach our potential.

There’s a need to take responsibility for your actions, to step up as the CEO of your life. Like any good CEO, it’s time to take a look at the current structure and make the necessary improvements. Review what’s working, what isn’t, and go from there.

Change your mindset. Stop whinging and complaining about how hard it all is and take some time out to plot a new course. As Marie Forleo says, everything is figureoutable. Get someone else to help you open your eyes to possibilities and the actions you need to take. Employ the services of a life coach or counsellor if you need to (like me, for a blend of astrology and coaching).

Capricorn is represented by the Sea Goat—a mythical half fish, half goat creature. It doesn’t make sense, right? Half of the animal is built for climbing mountainous terrain, the other for swimming through water. Yet when you think about it, the creature is built for anything, it has the tools to navigate sea and shore.

So do you. You have what it takes to get there. You have the strength, focus and determination. You have fins as well as hooves. It’s about getting to the top of that mountain, overcoming obstacles while having the ability to ride the currents and flow when necessary.

The exact time of the Full Moon is:

AEST: Friday 25 June @ 4.39am

United Kingdom: Thursday 24 June @ 7.39pm

US Eastern: Thursday 24 June @ 2.39pm

US Pacific: Thursday 24 June @ 11.39am




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