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Full Moon in Capricorn

13/14 July 2022

The Moon represents what we need to feel safe and secure, and when it travels through Capricorn we can find ourselves wanting the structures in our lives to feel solid, and secure. We turn our attention to how we feel about what we are building in our lives, to our legacy.

The sign of Capricorn is linked with the 10th house of career, fame and how we are known in the world. It’s the mark we leave on the people around us. It’s how we are remembered by those we loved. It’s us at 90 looking back at our lives and reflecting on the life we had. In fact, if you are at a crossroads right now, imagine that you are 90 and telling someone about your life. What did you do, how did you feel, who is around you? Then you can work back and start to colour in some of the story in real time.

A friend gave me a paint-by-numbers canvas. It’s an abstract image of mountains, which is very fitting for the Capricorn goat that I am. The instructions said to do one colour at a time and allow the paint to dry before the next colour. Initially this was a challenge for me as I just wanted to get it done. But then I relaxed into it. I enjoyed seeing my progress, seeing the painting come together. And I thought how it is a wonderful reminder of how doing a little bit each day toward our goals—whether that’s our health, our career, learning any new skill etc.—is worthwhile.

We start with a blank canvas which we colour in over time and the picture starts to come together. We see why things happened the way they did. When we step back and look we see the light and the shade and know that our picture needs both.

The elements of this Full Moon are very water and earth. Mars has recently moved into Taurus where he is more deliberate with his actions rather than the fast and furious energy he had through Aries. If you feel yourself slowing down on a project after a quick start don’t stress. It’s allowing you to balance out, to check back and make sure everything is lined up properly. Slowing down a little also allows you to conserve your energy so you don’t burn out.

It’s in this rest period that we meet Cancer, which offers a nurturing balance to Capricorn’s ‘doing’ energy. As you climb up the figurative mountain we call life, take the time to rest and enjoy the view where you are. You’ve come a long way, baby, and it’s okay to set up camp for awhile. It’s in these rest periods that we can plot out our future plans and then have the energy we need to get going again.

This Full Moon is a Supermoon, the counterpart to the New Moon in Capricorn at the start of the year (also a Supermoon). It’s time to look back at the intentions we set then, use the information of where the world is now and look to where and how we want to continue, pivot away from or drop.

With the Moon so close to Pluto we can feel strong emotions which can influence the direction we go in. This is also tracing over the point where Saturn and Pluto had their big conjunction at the start of 2020, which shook the structures of our world. Old emotional debris may be coming to the surface. Release it and move on. The climb is easier when you let go of the unnecessary things you are carrying.

The Moon is also trine Uranus and the North Node in Taurus, so again unexpected changes can swoop in to pull you toward the next stage. If it doesn’t make sense, remember that the picture will one day come together. For now, enjoy the climb.

The exact time of the Full Moon is:

AEST: Thursday 14 July @ 4.37am

United Kingdom: Wednesday 13 July @ 7.37pm

US Eastern: Wednesday 13 July @ 2.37pm

US Pacific: Wednesday 13 July @ 11.37am

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