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Full Moon in Libra

My friends, I'm sorry—I made a mistake!

I had told you all that tonight I was holding a Full Moon workshop. I used a different booking system than I normally do for events, and this afternoon discovered that it had defaulted to not accepting bookings less than three days beforehand. Considering that I only first told you about this workshop three days ago meant that no-one was able to book in ...

So, as my 'I'm sorry' gift to you, I have recorded a video chatting about the themes of this Full Moon for you, and am also sharing the Full Moon playlist I made for tonight—turn down the lights, turn up the music and dance through the journey I have created to help you release old relationship hurts, stand whole in who you are, commit to yourself and enjoy meeting and being with others. It's an invitation to let go of your plans and surrender to the journey that life takes us on and come home to your heart.

If you would like find out how this is all playing out in your own chart you can book a 20min Full Moon chart reading. I have opened up bookings for Friday and Saturday afternoon (again, to say sorry and make it up to you). Use the code LIBRAMOON for 20% off.

FInally, make sure you go and take a look at La Luna tonight—she's a Super Moon which means she's close to the earth and even bigger and beautiful.

With love




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