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Full Moon in Sagittarius

3/4 June 2023

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We are all writers of our own story, seekers of our own truth. We turn our knowledge into wisdom, then go on adventures to learn and discover more. We dance between student and teacher, always learning with an open mind.

That is Sagittarius, aiming its arrow high. The centaur isn’t fixed in place. It knows that there are new things to discover beyond its neighbourhood. Perhaps you have itchy feet at the moment, a feeling of ‘is this all there is?’ A sense that there is more for you in this life. Sagittarius wants us to expand our horizons, whether that is physically, mentally, spiritually. Where are you going to aim your arrow?

The dust is starting to settle after eclipse season and Mercury retrograde. We are starting to find our feet again, to think clearly.

What to focus on for the Full Moon in Sagittarius

Sag is the truth-seeker. As we head to this Full Moon (a time when we have light to see) our own truths are illuminated. Perhaps we have been justifying certain things, making excuses, retro-fitting to make it work in order to make everyone around us feel happy and safe. But when that comes at a cost to our own wellbeing and our own personal growth, we will not feel happy and safe.

For this is your journey. There may be people in your life who are part of your journey—children, partners, parents. You have responsibilities, yes. But how can you expand your horizons and weave what you want into your life? We can get caught up in a this-or-that option, because with the way society is structured it makes us think in a binary way. But often there are many different shades. No choice is ever final. It’s just another stop on the journey, and Sag loves to explore the options.


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Mercury and Uranus are conjunct in Taurus, as are Jupiter and the North Node. There is a sense of grounding, of laying plans for the long-game, of making sure we feel safe and secure first. Taurus is about security, Sagittarius is about freedom. It might seem out of alignment, but freedom comes from feeling secure—in ourselves, our finances, a sense that we will always be taken care of. Sag has faith that it will all work out.

Picture a flying kite. It swoops and dances in the breeze. It delights. It has the freedom to fly, but only because someone is holding it steady on the ground. If the string breaks, or the person lets go, the kite might float away for a bit, but then ultimately it will fall to the ground or get tangled up in a tree. The kite flies best when it has the stability of someone on the ground holding the string.

So this Full Moon, set your sights on what you want, what you are aiming for. Then work out what foundations you need to put in place to make it happen. Fly from this place of security to what will bring you joy.

There is much optimism to a Sag Full Moon—use it. You can have what you seek. You just need to plant your feet and aim your arrow.

The exact time of the Full Moon in Sagittarius is:

AEST: Sunday 4 June @ 1.41pm

United Kingdom: Sunday 4 June @ 4.41am

US Eastern: Saturday 3 June @ 11.41pm

US Pacific: Saturday 3 June @ 8.41pm

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