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Full moons, eclipses, conjunctions—oh my!

Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer / Uranus direct / Saturn-Pluto conjunction

Join me for a Full Moon event in Melbourne on Friday 10 January to support all this energy. All proceeds to Bushfire Relief. Book here (open until 4pm on Friday).

There is thick, heavy energy in the air at the moment, as if we all have the weight of the world pressing down on our shoulders. We are looking at the responsibility we are taking in our own lives and for the greater good and realigning our actions so that they are congruent to our new direction.

In August we had a Personal Planet Summit in Virgo. Now we have the big guys meeting up for a Board Meeting in Capricorn. Mercury the Messenger is there to pass on the minutes of August’s Summit to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. These are the guys that bring the structure, focus, discipline, expansion, opportunities, optimism, power and transformation. The South Node is also there, reminding us of how we got to where we are, but also to help reveal to us what we no longer need—the comfort zone that we can leave behind.

Not wanting to be left out, Uranus the renegade ends its retrograde in Taurus and joins via videoconference. ‘I’m shaking shit up’ it declares, ‘whether you like it or not’.

So yeah, it’s a pretty big deal.

Capricorn is all business and being out in the world. It is work, structure, responsibility, patience and masculine energy.

‘What kind of CEO are you?’ asks Capricorn. ‘What example are you setting? What legacy are you leaving?’

But wait, the Moon is on the other side of the Zodiac in her home sign of Cancer—the sign of home, of our emotional needs, of intuition and femininity.

So we have these two polarities playing out. And the Full Moon Eclipse is happening in Cancer, alongside the North Node—our potential and future.

And what it is is a stripping back and a merging of the two. Of how we can balance both our masculine and feminine, of how we can work from our heart, of how we can build a legacy that is also creating a great home for future generations. Yes. What we start to build today is what the history students of 2070 will be learning. Do we want them to look back on history and say ‘that’s when humans saw they were fucking up and didn’t do anything about it’ or ‘that’s when humans saw they were fucking up and started changing things for the better’?

Now, Saturn and Pluto are both pretty strong players on their own, but they are about to meet up for the first time since November 1982. Back then it was in Libra, a sign more concerned with balance and relationships. Now in Capricorn (Saturn’s home sign) they can really get down to the business of starting a new cycle.

I was born two months after this last conjunction, so I haven’t lived through one. But if it is about the changing of a cycle, then at the age of 37 I am anticipating things to shift in a new direction.

Pluto has been transiting through Capricorn since 2008. For me, Capricorn falls in my fourth house of home, family, foundations, and is also where my Sun is. Since 2014 I have felt Pluto start to take apart my life as it hit my IC and my Sun, just after going through my Saturn Return. I recently came across a reminder of where I was at in 2014—depressed, not wanting the life I had built to that point but also unsure of what I wanted next. My life has changed in so many ways since then as I have built a new foundation for my career and reconnected with my roots. I feel like I was led by an unseen hand down a path that was all foggy and I just had to trust that it was all going to work out, that there was a reason behind all the madness and change and healing and struggle and rebirth. And now I feel like the path has cleared and the unseen hand has gone ‘there you go, that’s what’s ahead’.

So if you haven’t yet personally experienced the work of Pluto and Saturn, it’s a ride, but one worth taking. And you will survive (you know how to find me if you need support). If you have planets at 22 degrees Capricorn, Cancer, Aries or Libra, you will feel this conjunction more than other people.

Like any merger, it takes time to work everything out. There’s assessment of what each company brings to the table. Balance sheets are consulted, redundancies are given. The process takes months. So while there are all the astrology buzz words of ‘transformation’ and ‘change’ being thrown around, it’s less Fairy Godmother waving her wand and more of a movie montage which shows the protagonist working hard and improving over time (think Rocky getting ready for his fight—I mean, that is such Saturnian discipline, focus and hard work alongside the transformation and power of Pluto).

This weekend marks the start of something new. What you no longer need in your life will be handed a redundancy.

The energy this weekend isn’t about setting new intentions. Right now there really isn’t anything for you to ‘do’. It’s just a matter of taking care of yourself, resting, drinking water, journaling your thoughts, and allowing yourself to reflect and let go. The future plan will start to take shape over the coming weeks and months. Right now you just have to clear the decks to make space for what’s to come.

Take care of yourself, and see you on the other side.

The exact time of the Full Moon is:

AEDT: Saturday 11 January @ 6.21am

United Kingdom: Friday 10 January @ 7.21pm

US Eastern: Friday 10 January @ 2.21pm

US Pacific: Friday 10 January @ 11.21am

Click here to find your timezone

Uranus stations direct on Saturday 11 January, 2020

Saturn and Pluto conjunct on Sunday 12 January 2020


Join me for a Full Moon event in Melbourne on Friday 10 January to support all this energy. All proceeds to Bushfire Relief. Book here (open until 4pm on Friday).


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