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Astro update: New Moon in Virgo

This year has felt a bit like being in a cyclone. If you have been calm in the eye of the storm watching things whirl around you, then all power to you. If however, you have been like many other people, you would have found yourself spinning around and around in the maelstrom of people and events that then chewed you up and spit you out.

Now it’s time to land on the ground. The storm has passed (for now) and we have a chance to ground ourselves in our new reality. We are Dorothy after her house lands in Oz, (on the Wicked Witch no less—those old personal beliefs and part of ourselves that we no longer need), and walking out of our sepia lives into full technicolour.

Things are different here. Brighter. Unfamiliar. There is a sense of wonder and hope, but also a feeling that we have lost control this year. It is the end of August, after all, and what do we have to show for it? Like many, I set my intentions and made my plans at the start of the year. And like many, life threw me some curve balls, changed things up and forced me to start doing things differently. I have not reached many of my personal and professional goals that I set at the start of the year—now I look at my list, and it turns out I don’t even want to do a lot of those things anymore. Funny how the Universe course-corrects and puts you on the path that you are meant to be on. You may hate all the turmoil at the time, but looking back you realise why things had to happen the way they did.

So here we are, in our own Oz. We began August with a New Moon in Leo, which cracked open our hearts and courageous spirit. Then the Full Moon in Aquarius made us think beyond our reality and brought relationship issues up to be cleared. Now we end the month with another New Moon, this time in Virgo.

With its reputation for being organised, Virgo rules our daily habits, our health, how we are of service to others. It is a discerning and analytical sign. It is an alchemist and healer. And being an earth sign, it is grounded in reality (not like our friend Aquarius from a couple of weeks ago, who can wander around with its head in the clouds).

Virgo’s watchful eye can see that we need to regroup and reset after all the turmoil from the year, so has called the personal planets—Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars— together for a New Moon Summit on how we can reset our course for the rest of the year and beyond.

The personal planets shape our personalities: The Sun is how we shine; the Moon is our inner emotional, intuitive self; Mercury is how we think, learn and communicate; Venus represents our values, relationships and how we attract what we want; and Mars is our warrior spirit, our drive to get things done.

New Moon is the time to set intentions, and meticulous Virgo is making sure that we get the details sorted properly this time around. None of this vague ‘I’m going to get fitter/richer/happier’ business. Nuh uh. Not on Virgo’s watch. Virgo wants you to work out exactly what needs to be done, why you want to do it and how it will get done.

So when you arrive at your New Moon Summit, ask:

Sun: Where in my life do I want to shine? Have I been dimming my light? What can I do to turn it back up?

Moon: How do I want to feel? Are my goals aligned with how I want to feel? Am I taking care of my emotional, physical and spiritual needs? If not, what do I need to do?

Mercury: How am I communicating my needs and desires? What have I learnt from the past that worked well? What have I learnt that didn’t work so well? What needs to be healed within me to help me move forward?

Venus: Am I living my values? Do I have healthy relationships with myself and others? How do I rate my own self-worth? Do I allow beauty and pleasure in my life?

Mars: How do I assert myself? How do I express my inner warrior? What motivates me? What do I need to do to reach my goals?

It’s time to move forward with focus and intention. Be discerning—get rid of anything that no longer works for you, get organised, get new (good) habits in place. You are the alchemist and the healer. Your transformation is happening now. Enjoy your New Moon Summit.

The exact time of the New Moon is:

AEST: Friday 30th August @ 8.37pm

United Kingdom: Friday 30th August @ 11.37am

US Eastern: Friday August 30 @ 6.37am

Click here to find your timezone


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