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Getting up that hill

The good times are when we get to enjoy and celebrate our challenges.

Imagine you are on a bike ride and you come to a big, steep hill. Suddenly the easy ride you are on gets harder. Your speed slows down, and you need more oomph to get to the top of the hill. Maybe you have to stop, catch your breath. Maybe you have to get off your bike and walk. (There's no shame in getting off your bike and walking—you can still get to the top of the hill, it is just in a different way than what you originally planned.)

Then ... you get to the top. Now it's time to coast down the other side—the wind in your hair, no effort required on your part. It's easy, fun and you get to enjoy it because baby, you earned it.

But no matter how you approach the hill, you can't have the fun downhill part without the work of the uphill part. There is always effort involved in getting to the top of the hill.

Life has its challenges. When things aren't going so well, it can feel like we are peddling up a big hill—everything is an effort and just getting out of bed requires huge amounts of energy.

We dream of a happier time in the future where everything is rosy and all we touch turns to gold—the easy, downhill times.

But it's the tough moments that make us. That teach us what we are capable of. The strength we have inside of us. Where we learn our greatest lessons.

Getting up the hill is where we build strength. Coasting down the hill is where we get to enjoy and celebrate our efforts.

Every peak you conquer will teach you things, which will make it easier the next time you come across a hill.

If you are in the middle of a challenging time, don't sit down and refuse to continue. Keep going, keep creating momentum. Perhaps you have to try a different way to get up the hill. Maybe there's a detour you can take.

Just don't give up.

The downhill coast is coming.


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