Happiness vs Gratitude

Want more happiness in your life? Start by harnessing more gratitude.

Happiness. It’s a hot topic at the moment. Everywhere I look I seem to see articles on the best ways to have more happiness in your life. 

I don’t believe that you can be happy 100% of the time. I also don’t believe that it is healthy to push aside other emotions and always be focused on chasing the high of happiness. Life has its ups and downs, and how we deal with the not-so-good elements says more about ourselves than being happy all the time. 

Where I think people get confused is by thinking happiness is the destination rather than simply part of the journey. 

If you find happiness in the everyday moments rather than trying to attain happiness as an end goal you will uncover all sorts of lovely things along the way. I’ve found that the best way to find happiness is through gratitude.

You may have noticed me talking about gratitude on social media lately. For the first 21 days in June, I am focusing on my gratitude practise by noting 10 unique things each day that I am grateful for. I like to do this 'intense' practise every so often when I feel like I need an extra dose of self-reflection. 

Having a gratitude practise, where you focus on the positive, starts to rewire your brain and brings more positivity into your life.

The effect of this is when something not-so-great happens in your life you can still take a step back and pick out the things that are positive about the situation. This approach definitely helps me, and I often have friends tell me that they like how I can always put things in perspective.

If 10 things each day feels overwhelming, you may like what I call the ‘three by three’. At the end of each day, write down three things that you am grateful for, three things that you appreciate about yourself, and three affirmations or mantras that you would like to work with. When I do this, I find the combination helps keep my outlook positive, my self-belief strong and my focus clear. 

So—practise gratitude and make happiness part of the journey, not the destination.

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