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I made something for you!

A free five day mini-course just for you

The Personal Planets free mini-course

The thing that I love most about astrology is that it is such a great tool for our own growth and personal development.

Each planet is an archetype representing different parts of our identity, soul lessons and development. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are known as the personal planets as they influence our individual personalities the most. These planets allow us to see our strengths ... and the parts of ourselves we need to work on a little more.

Once you tap into your strengths and your natural way of being, other things—like comparisonitis, negative self-talk and mindset woes—start to fall away. You can feel confident about how you show up in the world and the path you are on.

Part of my natural make-up is having my Mars in Aquarius in the Fifth House. In basic terms, this means that I naturally use my drive and energy in creative ways to help groups of people. I am very happy when I am creating.

This is great news for you, because my Mars has been having the time of his life making a free mini-course for you, so that you too can get to know your Personal Planets a little better. 

Over five days you will receive a video and worksheet to help you tap into your:

+ Sun: the qualities, skills, potential etc. that you are growing into in this lifetime. It is how you shine. 

+ Moon: your emotional self and what you need to feel nurtured, safe and secure.

+ Mercury: how you think, learn and communicate.

+ Venus: your values, desires, how you attract what you want, how you relate to others, and your self-worth. 

+ Mars: your drive, ambition, how you assert yourself and how you take action to get the things you want.

Get yourself shining brightly and harness all of your unique gifts and talents! If you want to know what to expect here's a sneak peak of the Welcome Video.

Sign up here and receive the first module straight away!

My personal Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are shining brightly and are very excited to share this with you. I hope you enjoy this gift :) 


Would you love an overview of your important themes for the next 12 months, with guidance on how to make the most of them? Book in for an Astrology + Coaching session. Find out more here.



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