Is this it?

A few weeks ago I was part of a panel for ‘A Real Conversation’ hosted by Felicity Watson. Other lovely speakers were Jade McKenzie, Kate McKenzie-McHarg, Kate McCready and Samantha Napier. Here's a pic of some of us in action. 

L-R, Kate McCready, Me, Samantha Napier. Photo via Instagram @sonesence_music

We each spoke about how we got to where we are on our business journey. A common thread was that we had all been gainfully employed doing something we had originally wanted to do, until a three little words kept nagging away at us.

Is this it? 

Is this what my life is going to look like? Is this how it’s going to play out? The same thing day after day? I thought that it would be different. I thought that I would feel different. This is not the story that had been told to me, how it was advertised in the life brochure.

Is this really it? Or can I have more? 

It was the search for more that motivated us all to create our own businesses. 

I won’t lie to you, starting a business is the biggest self-development course ever invented. So much of your ‘stuff’ comes up to the surface for you to deal with before you can move forward to the next step. Glorious highs are matched by deep lows and thinking ‘will this ever work?’

But then … a glimmer of light shows itself. And then more, and more, until you need to wear shades ‘cos the sun is so bright. 

And then the three little words morph from ‘is this it?’ to ‘THIS is it!’. 

You may not want to start a business, but if you are reading this then I bet that ‘is this it?’ has been in your mind. Perhaps it’s a whisper, maybe it’s nearing 100 decibels. 

Those dreams of yours are bubbling to the surface and wanting to be heard, acknowledged. But you’re trying to ignore them out of fear, insecurity, self-doubt … 

Trust me when I say that the voice won’t go away until you acknowledge it. Follow it, and enjoy seeing where it leads you. 

Many people have and lived to tell the tale. Become one of these people. 

Turn it into ‘THIS is it!’

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