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Limitless creating

Often we can stop ourselves from doing something because it appears that so many other people have already done it. It doesn't feel original or new enough for us to warrant putting our time and energy into it.

So we don't do anything about it and just leave the idea hanging there while we go about our lives feeling unfulfilled because we aren't pursuing the thing that lights us up. 

But think about musicians, artists, filmmakers, writers. They keep creating songs, pieces of art, films, books, even though there are already so many in the world. Each puts their own stamp on it and sends it out into the world. 

They can't help it. They have to create. They have to express themselves.

And they do it because there is no limit to the amount that can be created. 

Similarly, there is no limit to what you can create.

There is no limit to your business/career, relationships, lifestyle, creative expression, personal achievements ... 

The question is, are you out there creating it? 


Upcoming Meraki Masterclasses

Great Goals on 30 January at 8pm AEDT will take you through:

+ How to write a goal

+ Getting connected to your goals

+ Goal-setting in different areas of your life (work, money, love, health, hobbies, self-growth)

+ The difference between a goal and an action

+ Setting actions and creating momentum to achieve your goals

Mindset Makeover on 6 February at 8pm AEDT will cover:

+ Why you self-sabotage

+ How to overcome procrastination

+ How to become friends with your inner critic

+ Ways to get motivated and get things done

... and much more.


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