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Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

15/16 May 2022

Eclipses play out their magic over time. Over the 18 months or so of the nodes being in a set of signs we can track a story that plays out. Right now, we are at the very beginning of the Taurus–Scorpio story. What begins now will come to a natural conclusion towards the end of 2023.

Eclipses are caused when the Sun is within 18 degrees of the North or South Node. In astrology, the South Node represents the past, the gifts and talents that we have previously mastered, the qualities that we find easy to embody. The North Node represents our path of most growth in this lifetime—what we need to learn and embody. Throughout our life we dance between the two, learning how to integrate our South Node gifts to enhance our North Node growth.

When we have an eclipse (especially a Lunar Eclipse) connected with the South Node, there is extra purging and releasing going on in this part of our charts.

The South Node is currently in Scorpio, a sign that is connected with regeneration—going into our shadow, releasing what we don’t need and then coming up renewed. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, who is Hades, God of the Underworld. In this sign we dance with what is beneath the surface, topics that can be viewed as taboo such as money, sex and power. In our bodies, Scorpio rules the reproductive organs, blood, excretory system, bowels and bladder.

It’s about life, death, purification and releasing the shit we no longer need.

This layered South Node in Scorpio + Lunar Eclipse energy means that we may be feeling more tired, more emotional, with more intense dreams than usual. Old feelings can come up landing in your throat like a lump; old stories are revisited with no idea as to why (hadn’t you already moved on from that?). Physically you might notice you need to go to the toilet more often and if you menstruate, your cycle may be affected by arriving sooner and/or with a heavier bleed.

It is essentially like you are doing a really good Spring Clean of yourself. Clearing out the proverbial cupboards, dusting away the inner cobwebs, purifying the body. It takes effort. It can be confronting. But the more you shy away from the work, the harder it will be, as our friend Saturn likes to remind us.

Saturn’s transit through Aquarius is wanting us to focus on what is best for the collective—our long-term vision and the work that needs to be done to reach that. It’s square to the eclipse, bringing a sense of karmic cycles coming to an end. Old patterns are leaving, making way for the new.

Plants need to be pruned in order for them to flourish with new growth and it is the same with us. Releasing means we can refocus and channel our energies into new directions. So what are you ready to let go of?

Mercury started its retrograde on May 10. A Mercury retrograde is always a time for reflection and to tidy up loose ends, and it will work together with this eclipse. What do you need to let go of in order to move forward? What glass ceiling have you built for yourself that you keep bumping up against, and how can you break through it?

Mars meeting up with Neptune in Pisces will help us map out what we need to do to move toward our big picture dreams. It is a good time to map out your action steps, even if you don’t feel like taking the action just yet. When Mars moves into Aries on May 25 you will get that boost of action and inspiration, so best to be prepared.

Also in Aries, we have Venus conjunct Chiron. Chiron is the wounded healer, Venus is our self-worth, values, relationships, abundance. There is work to be done here about what we feel we deserve (hint: everything), healing in our relationships and our attitude to our personal assets and material security.

To round out the Aries energy, Jupiter is moving into the sign on May 11, where it will be for the next five months. This transit symbolises confidence, optimism and luck. If you are familiar with Tarot, it is real Fool energy—setting out on a journey with hope in your heart and a confident swagger, knowing it will all work out even if you have no idea how you are going to get there. Take the opportunities that come your way. Pay attention, as even the tiniest thing can become something significant later on.

So putting it all together, what does it mean?

We are on the cusp of something new in our lives, but to fully step into it we need to first release the old otherwise it will continue to weigh us down. Allow this to flow through you without resistance. You have been shaped by what has happened in your life so far. It isn’t dismissing any of that. It just means that you are letting go of what no longer works for you—in the same way that you would clear out your wardrobe of anything that no longer suits you now.

In the meantime, rest if you need to rest. Eat foods that are nourishing. Spend time meditating, journaling and being outside. Dive into your inner world and see what you can find. While I have created a playlist for this month, use it more as a background soundtrack to your day rather than for a big releasing ritual.

You’ve got this.

The exact time of the Lunar Eclipse is:

AEST: Monday 16 May @ 2.14pm

United Kingdom: Monday 16 May @ 5.14am

US Eastern: Monday 16 May @ 12.14am

US Pacific: Sunday 15 May @ 9.14pm

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