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Full Moon in Pisces

I’ve found this post hard to write this week. I have been feeling dreamy, unfocused, tired. I have been going to bed early and sleeping in. My dreams have been deep and vivid, and rather than waking up refreshed, I feel even more tired than before I went to sleep. It’s like I am so productive while I sleep that I haven’t had a chance to properly rest and restore.

Welcome to the Full Moon in Pisces. This watery sign wants us to drop out of our thoughts and tap into our intuition. Its influence is responsible for the foggy state many of us are finding ourselves in.

While Virgo season has had us creating structures and doing the work in reality, the opposite sign of Pisces rules the tools that we use to deal with our spirituality. The pairing this month wants us to identify and express our spiritual needs while maintaining order in our everyday lives. A balancing act between being and doing; believing in magic while grounding in the here and now.

For what good is it for us to be physically healthy if we are spiritually unwell? If we never allow ourselves to visit the world of dreams and possibilities, we may as well be robots acting out the same repetitive tasks day after day after day after day. But on the flip side, we can’t just live in a world of dreams. We need the structure and habits to bring things into our reality.

Full Moons bring light to help us see.

Pisces rules the subconscious, the hidden factors, the things that we do to sabotage ourselves without even realising it. Over the past few months we have been working toward courageously creating the life we want to live, planning for the path ahead of us. This Full Moon we need to tap into the little voice inside of us that tells us it is not possible, that we are not talented/worthy/deserving or simply enough to have what we want to have, and ask it to leave us.

We must release these thoughts, feelings and beliefs so that they no longer have power over us. We must release them and give ourselves permission to move forward, to step into the new world that we have been dreaming of. We’re packing for a journey and there is just no room in the suitcase for them.

Pisces helps us feel into the answer. So meditate to connect with your intuition and ask yourself: What no longer fits in your life? What do you need to release? And not only what are you letting go of, but what new habits/thoughts/ideas/behaviours will you put in their place?

There are still a lot of planets in earth signs, keeping us grounded and lending structure to the process, to anchor us so we don’t get swept away in the dream-like currents.

Mercury and Venus are poised to leave Virgo. A couple of days after the Full Moon both planets will move into relationship-focused and balanced Libra. Venus is happier in Libra, one of her home signs (the other being Taurus) so very soon it may feel easier for you to attract your desires. Make sure they are what you want—use this time to release what is no longer of value to you and allow yourself to manifest magic.

The exact time of the Full Moon is:

AEST: Saturday 14 September @ 2.32pm

United Kingdom: Saturday 14 September @ 5.32am

US Eastern: Saturday 14 September @ 12.32am

Click here to find your timezone

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