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Manifesting with Venus

Life lessons from the planets

Astrology is so much more than a predictive tool of when we will fall in love or get a promotion at work. It allows us to get a real insight into our personality and our growth journey. There are many archetypes in astrology and lately I have been reflecting on how I work with them personally. So, I have started writing some pieces based on my own experiences. My intention is to show you how you can tap into the planetary energies whenever you need to. I would love to hear your feedback and any suggestions you have for future posts.

Confession time: I like to be in control of things. Not surprising when you learn that I have a Capricorn Sun and a Scorpio Moon, both signs which have ‘controlling’ listed under their negative/shadow traits. (Although I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to feel like I’m in charge of outcomes—we humans like to feel that we have some say over our lives.)

It is this need to control which can make manifesting difficult. The basic steps of manifesting are to be clear on what you want, feel it in your body, take the necessary actions, trust that what you want is coming to you and detach/let go of the outcome.

Damn, it’s hard to let go. I have gripped so hard to getting so many things in a particular way that you can still see the marks I left. I have plotted and schemed (more negative traits) and when all else failed sat back and wailed ‘why isn’t this thing that I really want happening?!’

It hasn’t been all that dire. I have actually called some pretty big things into my life, but they have been things that I wasn’t as emotionally attached to. For example, my car and my apartment. Both ticked all the boxes and appeared in my life very quickly because I trusted they would arrive.

These days I quickly recognise when I am getting ‘grippy’ with things. I feel it in my body—my chest gets tight and I feel a sense of urgency and frustration. I noticed myself feeling this way the other week when it came to waiting for some online shopping to be delivered. Being in (yet another) lockdown means that I have been doing a lot of online window shopping and naturally things get purchased.

Something new is one bright spot during what can be quite a tedious time, so I was anxious for these things to arrive. I was constantly monitoring my tracking links, checking back every few hours to see if any item had progressed on its journey to me, the ‘grippy’ feeling intensifying with each glance at my screen.

Then I remembered Venus.

Venus rules relationships, self-worth, abundance, relationships and how we attract things. She is feminine energy, the side of ourselves which knows that we are worthy and deserving of everything we desire, who leans back and says ‘while I’m waiting for that thing to arrive I’m just going to be over here chilling out and enjoying myself’.

She is us in our receptive mode. She doesn’t push. Instead, she draws what she wants to her.

Mars (our masculine) goes out and takes the necessary action, but we need to recognise when Mars has done enough and hand the baton back to Venus to receive.

In this very simple scenario I had done all the action I could (namely hitting the ‘buy now’ button) and it was time to receive.

So I said to myself ‘Tanya, this grippiness isn’t going to make the items arrive any faster. You know they are coming. They are on their way. They will arrive when they arrive’.

And something happened.

I relaxed.

And then I got on with other things.

The next day one parcel arrived. Two days later—on a Sunday of all days—another parcel landed at my door. I am still waiting for a third which seems to be stuck somewhere on its journey, but I’m okay with that. Nothing I can do will make it arrive faster. I don’t need it urgently and I know I will love it even more when it does come. So I’m just getting on with my life.

Practising the feeling of detachment with something small like deliveries can help create muscle memory as to what this part of the manifesting process feels like.

We have a choice: we can tie ourselves up in knots or we can relax. When we are focused on the lack of something it feels like it is never going to happen (that old adage of ‘a watched pot never boils’) but when we relax it’s like a pressure valve is released. Taking our focus off it doesn’t mean we don’t want the thing anymore, it just means that we trust that it’s coming and don’t need to work so hard at it.

Life then feels easy and in flow.

And that is Venus energy right there.

I am taking this energy into other parts of my life and trusting that what I am calling in is on its way, that it will arrive when the time is right. Through Venus I know that I am worthy and deserving and am a magnet for what I desire. And so are you.

If you would like to learn more about working with Venus and the other planetary energies, then my Align to Self mentoring might just be the thing for you.


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