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New Moon in Aries

11/12 April 2021

This New Moon is bold, courageous and wants to be startin’ something.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. In the Northern Hemisphere it marks the start of Spring, with the earth starting to thaw after a cold winter. Fresh buds appear indicating the potential of the flowers that will eventually bloom, many animals give birth to new life and we plant crops that will sustain us for the year ahead.

Last year the Aries New Moon coincided with many countries entering some form of lockdown. It kicked off a year that challenged everyone in some way as the world came to terms with COVID-19 and worked in different ways to combat it. Chiron (the wounded healer) was conjunct the New Moon, and in many ways 2020 was a year where personal and collective wounds came to the surface to be witnessed and processed.

This year, Venus joins the Sun and Moon in Aries, indicating that a personal theme for 2021 will be on a new approach to relationships—those you have with others, but most importantly the one you have with yourself. Venus also represents our self-worth and what we value: here in Aries it will give you the chutzpah to go after what your heart wants.

Also joining the New Moon are the Goddess Asteroid Ceres and the Dark Goddess Eris. It is Eris here that I find most interesting. In the mythology, Eris is the sister of Mars—they are the Goddess and God of War. Eris was also known to cause chaos (once when she wasn’t invited to a party she threw a note over the gate which said ‘to the fairest’, causing a fight to break out amongst the other Goddesses).

With this feminine warrior energy so close to Venus it indicates that the women’s movement will be gaining fresh energy. On an individual level it can show up as the relationship with your own feminine energy getting stronger (regardless of the pronoun you personally identify with). It’s a message to stay true to you and your values regardless of the chaos around you—or to not be afraid to cause chaos because of your values.

Ceres is related to food and agriculture, so on a global scale this could be taking a new look at how we are using our resources, modes of food production and environmental sustainability. On a personal level, use this to look at how you are nourishing yourself. Are you eating the best foods available to you? How aware are you of your personal environmental impact?

Jupiter is making a positive aspect to the New Moon, bringing a sense of optimism and buoyancy to it all. Mars is the ruler of Aries, so we will feel his influence as well. Currently Mars is in Gemini so we have that curious, be everywhere and do everything vibe going on. He is also making a positive aspect to the New Moon and Jupiter.

Because of this we will feel a little invincible. To be honest, I’m all for this. We need a boost and we need to dream big—just make sure that you don’t go too hard and fast and burn out before you really begin.

All the planets are direct right now, giving us excellent momentum to get started on our projects for the next 12 months. So dream big. Set your New Moon intentions with a heart full of confidence and love.

It’s a powerful time for a powerful person like you.

The exact time of the New Moon is:

AEST: Monday 12 April @ 12.30pm

United Kingdom: Monday 12 April @ 3.30am

US Eastern: Sunday 11 April @ 10.30pm

US Pacific: Sunday 11 April @ 7.30pm




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