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New Moon in Cancer

28/29 June 2022

This New Moon in Cancer coinciding with Neptune turning retrograde in Pisces brings a double-dose of the emotional water element, urging us to feel the feelings and tap into the psychic undercurrents. With all these loose boundaries floating around there is a danger of getting swept up in our feelings or those of the collective. We want to flow with the feelings, and the way to do this is to connect in with yourself.

The sign of Cancer is represented by the crab. It is very soft and delicate so protects itself with a hard shell that it can retreat into when it feels threatened or needs a rest from the world. This shell is also the crab’s home. Wherever we go, we take ourselves with us so first and foremost it is important to feel at home with who we are.

Often when we feel like we are in a rut what we need to do is find a way back to our heart. What do you need to feel safe, secure and nurtured?

With Jupiter square the New Moon there is the potential for extreme feelings to arise. Jupiter is in Aries, a fire sign. The Moon is in Cancer, a water sign. The danger here is for the fire element to boil the water until it is out of control, or on the flip side for the water to put out the fire completely. The trick is to spend time in the middle—allow your feelings to fuel your actions.

The law of attraction and manifesting asks us to first feel the feeling before the thing can materialise. We must tap into how that job, home, lover or million dollars will make us feel, and then keep our attention on that. When you set your intention at this New Moon, focus on the feeling you want from it e.g. perhaps your desire for that new job is to feel more productive and fulfilled. Next, tap into Jupiter and ask it to add a little simmer to give you the energy and inspiration to take action. Each step of the way, check in to see if it feels good and right—and if the answer is no, why not?

Our feelings give us clues, but it is up to us to be the detective to get to the answer. Perhaps you feel a bit numb right now, a bit stuck. A morning pages practise, where you write three pages stream-of-consciousness style upon waking up, can reveal a lot. More importantly, it gives us a moment each day to check in with ourselves and along the way we develop a sense of emotional safety and integrity. Just as the Moon waxes and wanes each month you will find that your feelings also shift.

Cancer is a Cardinal sign which means it initiates things. In this case, it is how we create a home, familial bonds (of origin or family of choice) and a sense of safety. When we act from a place that feels good to us, we can build better connections with others, have stronger boundaries and take action on things that we truly want to, not what we think we should do.

With Venus in Gemini getting a nudge from Jupiter in Aries we can feel encouraged to seek out the people and information we need. Mercury is also in Gemini, being curious and communicative, while Mars is finishing up its time in Aries before it enters Taurus for a period of slower, grounded action.

So what is your heart saying to you, in this moment? What feelings are nudging you forward? What feels nurturing to you? What does your soul want you to start?

The exact time of the New Moon is:

AEST: Wednesday 29 June @ 12.52pm

United Kingdom: Wednesday 29 June @ 3.52am

US Eastern: Tuesday 28 June @ 10.52pm

US Pacific: Tuesday 28 June @ 7.52pm

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