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New Moon in Capricorn

2/3 January 2022

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2022. It feels fitting that we have a New Moon—a time when we seed our intentions—at the start of the calendar year when many people set resolutions, intentions and goals. And as an added bonus, it is a Supermoon in Capricorn.

Cappy loves a challenge, to set a goal, to climb that mountain. It wants to leave a legacy. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the resolutions that people set this year have a very tangible, long-term feel to them.

It’s okay if the idea of climbing a metaphorical (or literal) mountain feels tiring to you right now. The past two years have been challenging for all of us in many ways. The song ‘Manic Monday’ with its lyrics about just getting through the moment, through the mundane, feel very apt to what life has been like. Perhaps the vision and plans you had for yourself were interrupted and other shifts in your life took place.

Before you go and set yourself new goals for the year, stop and acknowledge what it is you did—physically, mentally, emotionally, career-wise, relationship-wise, money-wise. It all counts, and it feels good to have it all written down in front of you to see.

We know the drill now after two years of living through a pandemic. We need to be resilient and adaptable. This attitude reflects nicely with the sea goat—the glyph of Capricorn—which can live in both water and on land. There is magic in the sea goat, a mermaid flavour. It allows us to dive deep into the unknown, into the watery realms of dreams and then bring what we find up to the surface to turn it into something tangible. Sometimes the terrain on land is a bit rocky, but you can navigate it. Sometimes a detour creates something better. Sometimes it's about exploring the local area before you move on. But you need to start with the dream before you can anchor it into reality.

The astrology of January doesn’t have a lot of new, invigorating energy but it does offer a chance to land our feet, ground, and get focused on what we want for the year ahead. This could be around creating community connections, feeling good in your body or even slowing down and cruising through the year instead of pushing.

There’s a lot of earth in the New Moon chart, a nice way to land our feet after the eclipse season in November/December and the Saturn-Uranus square at the end of December. There is still the tension of the square lingering throughout 2022, so we will be dancing with breaking free from the old and embracing the new, although its influence won’t be as intense as in 2021. Uranus itself is trine this New Moon which might give us that extra oomph to try doing things in a different way.

Throughout 2020 and 2021 Jupiter was under the influence of Saturn which restricted its optimism and expansive energy, but now it is breaking free for its transit through Pisces which started on December 30, bringing in some beautiful vibes. We had a taste of this energy in May–July 2021, so what happened then was a bit of a preview for this year. For more on this transit, check out this post.

Venus is still in her retrograde period and Mercury has just begun its shadow phase in the lead-up to its next retrograde on 14 January in Aquarius. This assessment of our relationships, values and our sense of community is at the forefront of our minds and will likely influence whatever goals or intentions we set for ourselves right now. This feels nice to me, that what we do will have a ripple effect out into the world to have a lasting influence and good legacy. After all, that’s what Capricorn wants from us.

So tell me, what intention are you setting with this New Moon and beginning of the calendar year?

The exact time of the New Moon is:

AEDT: Monday 3 January @ 5.33am

United Kingdom: Sunday 2 January @ 6.33pm

US Eastern: Sunday 2 January @ 1.33pm

US Pacific: Sunday 2 January @ 10.33am

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