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New Moon in Gemini

30 May 2022

The New Moon in Gemini marks the official end of this round of eclipses, and it is nice to get back to normal Moon programming. Gemini is a joyful sign—it has a bright, youthful energy and a thirst for life and all it brings. We can feel a burst of fresh air come in to lift the recent heavy energy, although it may still have a sense of restraint about it, as I’ll explain later.

The planets have now mostly moved on from watery Pisces, spreading themselves out into fiery Aries, earthy Taurus and airy Gemini. We can begin to feel ourselves come out of the emotional depths that we have been in lately, those places where it felt like we just had too many feelings all at once and come into more elemental balance, a bit more of an even-keel.

After all the shifts and changes that have taken place both personally and collectively, the Gemini New Moon is here to help us explore our new directions.

As Alice says in Alice in Wonderland, ‘I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.’ The same applies to you.

With Gemini we can harness our curiosity and our desire to share ideas with others, and learn how to change and adapt to our environment. After all, Gemini is represented by the Twins which indicates the duality in our nature. We can let a new version of ourselves step forward to take the reins and lead us through our next phase.

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and if you’ve been following along you will know that it is still retrograde until June 3. With this influence we can feel that maybe we still don’t have the full story—that the pieces aren’t quite falling into place, or not falling the way we’d like them to. If you set New Moon intentions, make sure you add ‘this or something better’ to your request and detach from how you want things to play out. You gain more on the journey rather than when you reach your destination.

To add to this, Saturn in Aquarius is slowing down as it heads towards its own retrograde. It is square Mercury, bringing a sense of seriousness to our thinking and indeed to the overall mood of this New Moon. This Saturnian energy wants us to get a bit serious about how and what we communicate; whether we have the correct information to make the right decision for ourselves. After all, we are at a point in history where we need to work together to action big collective change.

With Gemini ruling our neighbourhood and Aquarius the wider community, it is a case of ‘think global, act local’. Change begins at home so what one thing can you start doing?

Mars is now at home in his sign of Aries. This is the place where he can fully be his forthright, go-getter self. His meet-up with Jupiter just before this New Moon is only amplifying this energy. We will feel like we want to do all the things, to get moving on our plans. But again, the influence of Mercury retrograde may make it feel like some detours are being thrown up on our path. Mars is not known for its patience when it wants to do something, but a good way to appease him is to give yourself a few options to research and explore. That way when the energy shifts about a week later you can forge ahead in the knowledge that you are putting your efforts into the best option.

Venus is also freshly in Taurus, one of the signs she rules. With Mars and Venus operating at full strength until July 5 and 18 respectively, it is a time to get clear on what your values are and what you will do to make them a daily habit or reality.

If you are unsure of what you want to do then choose to be consciously curious. Follow an idea and see where it takes you. Move from connection to connection and see what each person can share or which direction they point you in next. Meditation and grounding exercises are always great as this helps settle the nervous system. Also sometimes just making a decision—any decision—is the best thing you can do. If after a little while you find it’s not working out, you can use the Gemini energy to pivot to something else.

Be inspired, be curious and embrace your ever-changing nature.

The exact time of the New Moon is:

AEST: Monday 30 May @ 9.30pm

United Kingdom: Monday 30 May @ 12.30pm

US Eastern: Monday 30 May @ 7.30am

US Pacific: Monday 30 May @ 4.30am

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