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New Moon in Libra

6 October 2021

I normally relish the New Moon in Libra vibes. With its desire for harmony and balance and penchant for refreshing relationships, it normally has a lightness about it. But, this is not your normal New Moon in Libra.

Venus rules Libra, which means where she is in the sky flavours the New Moon. Currently, Venus is finishing up her transit in Scorpio. Venus here can be sexy and seductive or jealous and vindictive. Either way, she is intense. So this will give the Libran energy a bit of an edge that the normally light air sign doesn’t have. I say lean into the transformative qualities of Scorpio and use this to help shed what you’ve outgrown so you can create new, meaningful (re)connections.

Mercury is currently retrograde in Libra so already we are doing a lot of reflection on our relationships and working to bring more balance and harmony into our lives. We are looking at how we communicate with others and rethinking who and what we value.

Because of this retrograde it might feel like things take a little bit longer to manifest or you find you just can’t make up your mind about something. Libra helps us see both sides of a situation, so gather the evidence and use this when making your decision.

Relationships are about give and take, so think about if you have been giving too much, or taking too much and what you can do to rebalance. If things have been a bit off with certain people in your life, this is an opportunity for you to listen to each other and move the relationship forward in a new direction.

We’re also looking at the relationship we have with ourselves. Are you treating yourself with care and kindness? Do you have a strong sense of who you are or have you lost your identity a little by falling into who you feel others want you to be?

Mars is caught up in the middle of the New Moon. Mars can feel uncomfortable in Libra. He is a bit ‘me, me, me’ and in Libra he is forced to consider others.

The positive way to harness his energy is through focusing on diplomacy and taking action towards fairness and equality. This is also kicking off a new two year cycle for Mars, which will give us the energy and focus to really work toward creating harmonious relationships, equality and social justice in the wider community.

If you need to assert yourself in a relationship where you have been giving in too much, a bit of Mars courage can help. But beware that you lean on the diplomacy of Libra to get your point across—it can be very easy to blow up if the frustration level is high. Likewise if you need to renegotiate a contract (Libra is also related to the law).

Pluto stations direct on the New Moon, so hurrah for that. Because the planet moves so slowly it can take time to fully feel its forward movement, but it is great to know that the transformations that we have been doing on our inner world will start to have an effect on our outer world.

Saturn will also station direct on October 10, with Jupiter and Mercury both ending their retrogrades on October 18. With so many planets changing direction in a short space of time you may feel a bit disoriented. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—grounding practises are your best friend to help you through those moments when you feel wobbly.

So what are the good things about this New Moon and what should you focus on intention-wise? I feel like this New Moon in Libra is giving us a chance to strengthen our relationships.

As I always say, ‘Guru’s are great, but relationships are our biggest teachers’. Through others we are shown a mirror of ourselves and there may be parts that we don’t really like to see. The gift lies in recognising where we need to make changes. The difficult conversations help us grow.

As the world continues to change into something new, there is strength in communication and in who we connect with and how. Use this energy of the New Moon to make sure your connections are authentic and appropriate for you.

The exact time of the New Moon is:

AEDT: Wednesday 6 October @ 10.05pm

United Kingdom: Wednesday 6 October @ 12.05pm

US Eastern: Wednesday 6 October @ 7.05am

US Pacific: Wednesday 6 October @ 4.05am



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