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New Moon in Pisces

2/3 March 2022

There are times as an astrologer when I can look at what is happening with a detached, objective eye—even when I am going through the experience myself. But it has been challenging for me to do so with the current situation in Ukraine. I have family there (who at the time of writing are safe and away from hot spots) and have been to the country, so there is a personal connection. As a result, writing about this New Moon has taken me a bit longer to feel into. Here is my offering to you: a reminder of how we are all connected and the importance and power of compassion.


After a Full Moon that had tension in the chart to enable us to shift and make adjustments and release and change, we have a New Moon chart with an easier energy flow but which is challenging in its own way.

As the final sign in the zodiacal wheel, Pisces is where we come to the completion of a cycle and consolidate what we have learned before we begin the cycle again with Aries. It’s a bit like The World card in tarot, which marks completion, before beginning a new cycle with The Fool.

Pisces is here to practise and teach connection and compassion. It recognises that we are all one. While this holds a lot of promise, we still need to step up and do the necessary work. When each of us does work that is driven by deep love, beautiful things happen.

Pisces has a flow to it. It’s a mutable water sign which follows the currents and where they might go. Water can give life, and it can destroy. It has a strength of its own to it—anyone who has been caught in a rip or experienced a flood can attest to that. Sometimes part of the water just doesn’t want to flow in the same way. We see that in society too, especially at this moment. There are those that flow one way, those that flow another. Sometimes we get caught in a societal rip where some get dragged to a different space. The power lies in joining together to create a new life-giving wave.

It is surprising to people that politics falls under Pisces. It feels like it should be more Capricornian with its rules and structure, or even Aquarian with its focus on the collective. But in Pisces we see the idealism of a perfect society shine through. Pisces is compassionate and loving and has dreams. If politics provides a platform to make those dreams come true, to have a society which runs perfectly and takes care of everyone then yes, Pisces is on board. But with Pisces we can also fall into its shadow of deception and delusion and political games. Which side are you on and who do you believe?

The nebulous quality of Pisces can pull the veil of illusion over things. It’s a reminder to keep your instincts about you, to check your facts and to follow your intuition so that you act in integrity to yourself and for the greatest good of all. And always, always lead from your heart-space.

With the Piscean focus on union, it’s not surprising that we have a lot of conjunctions this New Moon (it’s like all the planets want to be close to one another). With the New Moon conjunct Jupiter, there is a lot of opportunity for whatever we dream of to become something great. Mercury and Saturn are conjunct in Aquarius which will give us a lens to the future and structure our thoughts and plans.

Mars and Venus are dancing closely together for a couple of months. We had their first proper conjunction on the Full Moon, and now they meet again as they sidle up to Pluto for a couple of days. The role of Pluto is to dig up what is hiding in our shadow—those things that we would rather keep hidden because we don’t want to deal with them, feel ashamed of them, feel afraid of them—and show them to us so we can change. Pluto is known as the great transformer, and the word transform simply means to change form. This reminds us that we are capable of changing things, that we have the power to shift into a new way of being in the world.

Mars is the God of War and Pluto is God of the Underworld. Both are powerful. Venus tangled up here will hopefully remind us all of the power of relationships and fighting for the right values.

On the 6th we have another conjunction of Venus and Mars, this time in Aquarius. It’s amplified by the Sun and Jupiter having a conjunction of their own in Pisces, bringing optimism and opportunities. At this time we will begin to see breakthroughs and new solutions.

We feel the effects of planetary movements in the lead-up to the actual aspects and see the results play out in the days, weeks and months afterwards. We are crossing the threshold that will carry us through future decades and you have a part to play. Your dreams and intentions and the actions you take contribute to the future. Do not think that you are small and powerless. Each role that you play is significant.

This time is an opportunity to see the human nature of it all and to decide what actions you will take to create the world you want to live in.

The exact time of the New Moon is:

AEDT: Thursday 3 March @ 4.34am

United Kingdom: Monday 2 March @ 5.34pm

US Eastern: Monday 2 March @ 12.34pm

US Pacific: Monday 2 March @ 9.34am

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