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Pisces Season 2023

Compassion, intuition, transcendence

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac, and thus marks the last month of the astrological year. Every sign has its own significance and areas of growth, each building on the other. We go on this journey as the Sun travels through the constellations throughout the year. When we reach Pisces it’s a moment of completion, endings and transcendence, before beginning again with Aries.

Being a water sign, Pisces is associated with emotions, intuition and creativity. It is us swimming through the currents of the collective consciousness, dissolving the barriers of the physical and the spiritual. With Jupiter as the traditional ruler and Neptune the modern ruler, Pisces allows us to dream and grow.

New Moon in Pisces and Full Moon in Virgo

Pisces season begins with a New Moon on February 20. This is an invisible Supermoon at 1°22. Moons right at the beginning of a sign mark powerful beginnings, and Supermoons are especially potent. Whatever you choose to seed around this time will be given an extra push.

Venus will move into Aries a few hours after the peak of the New Moon. I always feel that Venus in Aries has Warrior Princess vibes and it tends to bring women, their rights and their societal expectations and evolution to the forefront.

On February 22 Mercury will square Uranus, reactivating the tense aspects of the Full Moon in Leo on February 6. This suggests an unexpected conversation or breakthrough in your thoughts around the issues that arose at that Full Moon. You will start to see a new way forward.

The Full Moon in Virgo on March 7 is poised for change. It is a chance for us to ground ourselves, take stock of our processes and systems and see what we need to tidy up on a practical level. Less than an hour after the Full Moon, Saturn moves into Pisces, bringing with it a change in energy.

The exact time of the New Moon in Pisces on 20 February 2023 and the exact time of the Full Moon in Virgo o 7 March 2023


Shifting Paradigms—Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius

Let’s talk about Saturn for a moment. This transit deserves its own post, which I will send through closer to the time. But here’s a heads-up: at its core, Saturn's transit through Pisces is about taking responsibility for our own emotional and spiritual growth. This can be a challenging process, as it requires us to confront our fears, doubts, and insecurities. Saturn can be a hard taskmaster, but when you go with the lessons and the challenges, rather than resist them, you can emerge stronger, wiser, and more compassionate than ever before.

The other big shift will be when Pluto moves into Aquarius on March 23. This dynamic paradigm shift will bring about social reform and technological innovation over the next 20 years.

With Saturn and Pluto poised to shift signs you can feel agitated and frustrated. While both indicate that the result of their transits will be good, the anticipation of what they may bring up in the process can bring up feelings of uncertainty. This is especially so during the heightened sensitivity of Pisces season when we are all picking up on the energy of the collective.

Tips for Pisces Season

  • Start a new creative project whether that is art, writing, music, or in the garden, kitchen, home decorating …

  • Spend time in nature, especially near water, to connect with the emotional and intuitive energy of Pisces

  • Volunteer or perform acts of kindness to connect with the compassionate and empathetic energy of Pisces

  • Meditate, journal, or practise yoga to connect with your inner self and tap into your intuition

  • Connect with your spiritual practices, such as prayer, meditation, or energy work, to deepen your understanding of your inner self and your place in the universe

  • Pay attention to the messages you receive through your dreams

  • Get adequate rest, eat nutritious food and drink plenty of water


I help bring awareness to your personal energy shifts with a detailed chart reading, process and accept your experience with Holistic Counselling and release with EFT.


To sum it up

Pisces season is a time of heightened sensitivity, intuition, and emotional depth. It's a time to connect with our creative energy, to tap into our inner voice, and to trust in the power of the universe to guide us towards our dreams and desires. Embracing the energy of Pisces season and find a deeper connection with yourself, with others, and with the world around you.

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