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Release and let go

Is your tight grip on something holding you back?

Are you caught in a story? Has something happened that is spinning around and around in your head? Are you continuously telling your friends about it, so caught up in the hurt and resentment that you can't seem to find a way out? Are you attached to an outcome—of how you think things should be—and frustrated and disappointed that it's not working out the way you want it to? That it is all wrong and can never be right because it doesn't look the way you want it to? That you are not in control because other players in your life are calling the shots?

It's time to let this go.

Drop it.

Move on.

The more we see ourselves as a victim of our circumstances, the harder it is to change.

Still hurting from a boss who never appreciated you will stop you from feeling valued in your new job. Holding onto a broken heart from years ago will stop you from finding pure love.

Release the hurt and anger from your system. You may need to move your body. To punch something. Yell and scream. Cry. Write out all the ways it made you feel and burn the paper.

Feel the pain and sadness, but don't live in it. Don't let it reside in your system. Get it out.

Detach yourself from how you felt the other should have handled the situation. You cannot control how others act, but you can control how you react.

Rise above it. Forgive.

Just because you are releasing it doesn't mean that the other person's behaviour was justified. It just means you aren't carrying the weight of it anymore. Life will feel lighter, things will flow easier.

Shifts and changes will abound. Things are about to get shaken up. So let go to move on.


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