Shake-up for success

Sometimes the missing ingredient is a little shake-up.

Too often I find that people think they need to overhaul their entire lives in order to feel happier, more successful, more productive, more ... more.

The thought of everything they have to do feels overwhelming and too hard. And what then happens is nothing. They don't do anything that might help them get out of the rut they are in.

Often it isn't a big change that is needed, but a little shake-up.

I get bored easily. I hate having the same daily routine and felt restless when I've had to sit at the same desk everyday. I have had to find ways to sustain interest in long-term projects to ensure I finish them. And while I tried to live a life of full flexibility and constant change, it doesn't work for me—I need a modicum of structure in my life that I can then play around. So I like to inject a little shake-up when I feel things are growing a bit stale.

A shake-up is a little easy something you can do to add some variety to your everyday life.

Bored with your daily routine? Take a different route to work (even just walking on the opposite side of the street can make a difference). Craving an adventure but your next holiday is too far in the future? Choose a suburb in your own city to explore one weekend. Wish your job was more creative? Then set aside time each week for your own personal creative projects.

Often just introducing a few shake-ups can help stimulate your mind and open you up to new possibilities and new ways of doing things.

How are you going to shake up your life this week?

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