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Solar Eclipse in Gemini

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Gemini, 10 June 2021

When you’re on the cusp of change you need to let go of something. And if you’re not willing to let go, there’s always eclipse season to do it for you.

Eclipses speed up timelines, right wrongs and put you further along the path you need to be on. The Lunar Blood Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius two weeks ago was—to put it simply—a time of endings. Perhaps there was something you were convincing yourself you wanted, or knew that you needed to end but hadn’t quite worked up the courage to.

It doesn’t need to have been something tangible. With Sagittarius ruling our belief systems, this could very well have been an idea or thought pattern that you have been holding onto. And perhaps right now you are at a loss, not really knowing what you believe in anymore.

The world has been going through a lot of shifts, and will continue to do so. We are all scrambling at making sense of a pandemic that has dominated our lives for 18 months or so. With this, we have seen changes in workplaces, business and economies. Cities have changed. We have changed.

Now we welcome the Solar Eclipse in Gemini. The sign of the twins represents our duality, our ability to adapt to circumstances. It is a curious sign with a thirst for acquiring and sharing knowledge. Gemini is a social sign, so you may find yourself being pulled toward new social circles. A new energy of flow is coming to town. It is opening us up to something new, to new horizons and things to learn—oh boy!

Yet, it isn’t a very straight-forward eclipse as Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is currently retrograde and hanging out with the Sun and Moon. It is about to go cazimi, which means it gets cleansed by the Sun. Often we find clarity starts to seep in once this happens, but you may not have full insight until Mercury turns direct on June 22.

In some ways, Mercury retrograde messing with our technology, communication and travel is a good thing. It gets us out of our rut and forces us to try something in a new way. Your devices break and you learn to live without them for a few days and discover how much calmer you are when you’re not tied to your phone; an argument with someone allows you to open up and be vulnerable as you talk it out; travel plans going awry teaches you how to be resourceful and find an alternative way of getting where you want to go, or simply learn the lesson of surrender.

Mercury retrograde is a chance to get out of our mind and into our heart. With our attention turned inward, we will first feel the changes of this eclipse internally, in a desire to learn something new. Follow your intuition with this one as whatever it is leading you towards will be significant. At first, it may not even make sense—like when Elizabeth Gilbert took up gardening as she wasn’t feeling any inspiration to write, then this seemingly unrelated hobby led to her writing The Signature of All Things.

The nudges are there for a reason. They can introduce you to new people and new places and before you realise it you have set up a whole new life. After all, this eclipse is tied to the North Node which is what pulls us to our future.

If you have planets or angles at 19 degrees of Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo or Pisces, this eclipse will have extra significance for you. Get in touch for a reading to learn how to make the most of this time.

The second of three Saturn-Uranus squares for 2021 happens on June 14 (the first was February 17, the third December 24). It is tension between structure and form, innovation and freedom. Friction between keeping the status quo and creating change will show up in your life and on the global stage. Used in the positive this will help you break free of the box you have built around yourself.

Finally, it is worth noting that eclipses happen in the same two signs for about 18 months. The first round of eclipses in these signs initiates change (such as feeling unsatisfied with our career); the second round has us in the middle of the change (upskilling for a new role); the third round ties it all up (being in a new job).

We are in the middle of the Gemini–Sagittarius eclipse series, so still going through all the changes. It won’t be until the end of the year when we look back and realise where we have landed. In the meantime, don’t manifest or set intentions. Simply go down the rabbit hole and see where it takes you.

The exact time of the New Moon/Solar Eclipse is:

AEST: Thursday 10 June @ 8.52pm

United Kingdom: Thursday 10 June @ 11.52am

US Eastern: Thursday 10 June @ 6.52am

US Pacific: Thursday 10 June @ 3.52am


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