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Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, 4 December 2021

As we go through life we gather up information and ideas and form a belief system, based on our experiences, the people we meet and the ideas we come across. We seek out knowledge and adventure and expand our horizons. Yet sometimes we can hold onto an idea for too long. We stay dogmatic in our beliefs and reject the concept of a beginner’s mind.

The North and South Nodes represent the head and the tail of the dragon. The North Node is the head which is hungry for new experiences and the South Node is the tail, which releases the old. With the South Node travelling through Sagittarius since May 2020, our eclipse lessons have been about releasing those old belief systems that don’t or won’t serve us in the future.

There is a lot of grief in the collective at the moment. As I emerge back into the world after many, many days of lockdown over the past two years, there is a sense of wary weariness in people. Yes, it is good to be out and about again, but underlying it all is the knowledge that we will never fully go back to the way things were pre-pandemic, and we are all grieving that in our own way. There is also grief around all the experiences that we missed out on, and for some there is the grief of losing someone they loved.

We’ve been finding new ways to cope, new things to believe in. Faith has been tested. We are questioning our leaders more. We’ve thrown around ideas about the virus and vaccine with every point of view adamant that they are right. We’ve challenged traditional ways of working and questioned the type of work we value.

The work here is not complete, but with this Solar Eclipse which closes out the Gemini-Sagittarius eclipse story, we can feel more solid about things. This eclipse story has worked with the elements of air and fire, so the mind and intuition have been big players.

With the south node in Sagittarius, the story here has been releasing old belief systems with the North Node in Gemini pulling us toward new information and ways of communicating. Where Gemini and Sagittarius are in your birth chart will have further impacted your personal experience. My personal story has been around reprogramming my values, resources and self-worth (second house) and how I merge and share with others (eighth house).

Solar Eclipses indicate beginnings and it is like we are leaning into the new wisdom that we have gained. Sagittarius wants us to find our own belief system and be our own guru. It also represents travel and adventure. Its glyph is the archer who aims true into the distance. With Jupiter as its ruler we are blessed with optimism and buoyancy as we look toward the future. Indeed, the mutable fire element is big here, giving us the ability to burn off and adapt to new circumstances.

Remember, eclipse energy is so big that it is best to give your manifestation rituals a rest and allow life to unfold.

Mercury is conjunct this eclipse, adding an extra element of thinking and communication to the proceedings. Mars is aspecting two planets: the square Jupiter which will boost our energy, with the trine to Neptune enhancing our imagination and creativity. Venus conjunct Pluto will increase our desires, values and ensure that our relationships are good and true. As eclipses go, this one does feel like it will bring the positivity and burst of good energy we need.

The North and South Nodes will move into Taurus and Scorpio on 22 January 2022, taking us on a new journey, a new story, into new territory. We have already had a preview of this with the Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on 19 November, but next year the story will really take shape. As we shift into the Taurus-Scorpio axis we’ll be working with the elements of earth and water: consistency, form, stability along with our feelings and emotions. We can start to anchor these ideas into something tangible that feels good to us. To learn how this will play out for you, book in for a chart reading.

The second half of December has a bit going on: Full Moon in Gemini, Venus stations retrograde in Capricorn and Chiron stations direct all on the 19th. A few days later we have the Sun shifting into Capricorn and the Solstice, then on the 24th Saturn and Uranus have their third and final square for the year—an aspect which has highlighted the tensions we’ve experienced in 2021 around maintaining the status quo and breaking free (the other squares occurred on 17 Feb and 14 June). It’s not going to be a cruisy wind-up to the year by any means, but what we can do is prioritise the things that are important to us.

For now, pour yourself your favourite beverage and welcome in the new things that this eclipse is bringing.

The exact time of the New Moon Solar Eclipse is:

AEDT: Saturday 4 December @ 6.43pm

United Kingdom: Saturday 4 December @ 7.43am

US Eastern: Saturday 4 December @ 2.43am

US Pacific: Friday 3 December @ 11.43pm


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