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Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

25 October 2022

I am sitting down to write this fresh from a dream about being pregnant. In dream-land, being pregnant points toward new beginnings or growing and manifesting a new direction. With the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio coming up, my dream feels pretty aligned to the energies.

Eclipses tend to bring about changes in our lives, and often these things can happen quite swiftly. Basically it’s like a cosmic powerup. It’s almost like the Universe has been listening to our inner being and swoops in to give us a general cleanup and point us in the direction we want to go. A Full Moon/Lunar eclipse brings an end to something, and a New Moon/Solar eclipse brings a new beginning.

It’s like a giant game of snakes and ladders—we land on a ladder and suddenly we are further ahead. Read more about eclipses here.

Scorpio is also associated with death and rebirth—life’s endings and beginnings. Back in May we had the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio and since then we have been sifting through our internal darkness, trying to clear it in order to bring ourselves back to the light.

For something new to begin, something has to end. This week Year 12 students in Victoria have been celebrating their last day of school. It’s the death of their life as they’ve known it (13 years of schooling and the associated structure) and the rebirth of being more autonomous and self-determined as they enter adulthood.

Becoming a parent is the ending of one type of life and the beginning of another. As is moving house. Or you could leave a job in order to begin a new one, or to travel or embark on something else.

Perhaps the ending and beginning you are experiencing is very literal, like these examples. Or perhaps your death and rebirth experience has been more about ending old beliefs or behaviours. Internal shifts often come first, and then we see the change in our reality.

We will experience the last eclipse in Scorpio, for this cycle, in May 2023. That is when we can truly look back and see how our story has evolved with this cycle.

Venus is conjunct this solar eclipse, bringing a softness and vulnerability to the change. Moving forward we are focusing on relationships that feel good to us. There can be a change, a deepening of our existing relationships. There can also be new ones that will help us evolve. Climbing that ladder, becoming more of who we are meant to be.

Let’s not forget that Venus is also connected to our values, desires and self-worth. All of these are up for cleansing and renewal during this eclipse season.

Remember that the time during eclipses can feel nebulous and chaotic. Take extra care in staying grounded with exercise, being in nature, mediation and salt baths. Eat food that grows in the earth, like root vegetables.

Finally, I want to talk about power. Scorpio is ruled by Mars in traditional astrology, and Pluto in modern astrology. Whether you go with the God of War or Lord of the Underworld, there is an element of power. Particularly with the Mars retrograde beginning soon we are dissolving our ego and learning to act from a place of pure positive energy.

You are powerful. Always remember this.

The exact time of the Solar Eclipse is:

AEDT: Tuesday 25 October @ 9.48pm

United Kingdom: Tuesday 25 October @ 11.48am

US Eastern: Tuesday 25 October @ 6.48am

US Pacific: Tuesday 25 October @ 3.48am

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