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Solar Eclipse in Taurus

30 April/1 May 2022

Taurus season is generally a time to slow down, take our time and indulge our hedonistic delights. It’s a moment to integrate and focus on the things we started during Aries season, and enjoy a little pleasure while we do so.

Yet, for the next couple of years, we will be having eclipses in Taurus, and eclipse energy can be erratic and surprising. Throw Uranus into the mix (the planet of disruption and revolution) and we are bound to feel like our stable reality is being shaken up.

But perhaps that is for the best—after all, sometimes you can get stuck in a loop, in a rut. Sometimes you just put up with a situation because it is the one you’ve known, then one day you look around and realise it doesn’t work for you anymore. So, a bit of change can be good for us. From the feeling in the air these are fresh, exciting changes.

Basically an eclipse is like a cosmic powerup. It’s almost like the Universe has been listening to our inner being and swoops in to give us a general cleanup and point us in the direction we want to go. I like to think of it as a game of snakes and ladders: an eclipse is a ladder that takes you to a higher point of the board, closer to your goal. Learn more about them here.

With most of the planets split between Pisces and Taurus at the moment it is about imagining and feeling the reality we want to manifest. Pisces allows us to dream the dream and Taurus can ground it into reality. Taurus is patient. It takes its time. It knows that good things are worth waiting for and doesn’t settle for second best. Stop settling. If you aren’t making the most of your one wild and precious life, the Universe will come in and make sure you are.

Perhaps what you used to believe in doesn’t light you up anymore and maybe you aren’t really clear on what you want instead. This is okay. Knowing what we don’t want is one step closer to knowing what we do want. You might not be clear on the specific details, but you probably know how you want to feel—focus on this.

Venus is the ruler of Taurus, which means she is in charge of the flavour of this eclipse. Her conjunction to Jupiter in Pisces is bringing us more: more love, more abundance, more confidence, more connection, more compassion.

Knowing you are worthy and deserving of this comes from a strong sense of self-worth. Use this eclipse to be intentional with your thoughts and soak in self-love. Even if you feel like everything is crumbling around you, tap into the energy of love and gratitude.

The week after the Solar Eclipse, Mercury will begin its retrograde on May 10. We are all familiar with Mercury retrogrades—a time to reflect, renew, reevaluate. Make sure your communication is as clear as can be and don’t be surprised if technology and travel plans go a little awry during these three weeks. As the retrograde is in the middle of eclipse season, don’t be surprised if things are a bit more confusing for a couple of weeks. Keep yourself grounded by spending time in nature, being barefoot on the grass or sand, having salt baths, eating root vegetables and exercising in a way that feels good to you.

Jupiter will be entering Aries on May 11, where it will remain for five months. This will give us a boost of confidence for taking risks and heading out on new adventures. One of my mentors describes the Jupiter in Aries energy as ‘getting on the bus’. You can wait at the bus stop for hours, but when the bus pulls up you have to actually get on it to go anywhere. When an opportunity arrives, make the most of it.

Some astrologers advise not to do your usual moon rituals during eclipse season. Instead, you can enjoy a ritual holiday and embrace self-care practices, with the knowledge that the Universe is doing its thing. Others say to harness the energy for more intentional manifestation. I am of the belief that you choose what feels right for you. If you feel like you want to do a ritual, do it. If you prefer not to, then don’t. It is always about tuning into what you need at any given time.

Whatever you choose to do, know your greatest dreams are unfolding. This is only the beginning.

Listen to the Clubhouse room about Eclipse season here.

The exact time of the Solar Eclipse is:

AEST: Sunday 1 May @ 6.28am

United Kingdom: Saturday 30 April @ 9.28pm

US Eastern: Saturday 30 April @ 4.28pm

US Pacific: Saturday 30 April @ 1.28pm

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