Stagnation Station

Are you stuck in the waiting room with no idea of your destination?

Lately I am hearing from people that they feel stagnate. Stuck. In a rut. Lost their mojo. The same old every day. Frustration with their current state in life. A strong desire for change but feeling like they can't get going—or even if they do get going, no idea of where to go.

The funny thing is, the more we focus on this feeling of stagnation, the longer it lasts.

We wait on the platform at Stagnation Station refusing to get on the trains that go by because we aren't really sure of their final destination, and don't know if we really want to go there. Better to stay in the waiting room which has a kiosk with okay food and out-of-date magazines to read. It's not amazing, but not that bad either. We find a way to make ourselves comfortable.

Even though the magazines bore us and the food starts to taste the same, we stick with the known, the familiar. It feels harder and harder to leave. Maybe the people we love are there and we are afraid of leaving them behind.

But one day you just gotta jump on a train.

It doesn't matter that you don't know the final destination. You can get off at some point, change lines, go in a different direction. The most important thing is that you start your journey.

The best way to move through stagnation is to literally move. Go for daily walks. Dance. Try a new exercise like boxing or pilates or yoga—something that has a focus on strengthening your core. Get the energy moving through your body which will stimulate your mind and motivate your desires. This is like buying your ticket.

Next, see where you can incorporate more fun in your life. Think about what you loved doing as a child and bring that back into your life just for the sake of it: painting, riding your bike really fast, writing stories. Doing something you love enhances your mood and opens you up to finding more things you enjoy. This is like boarding the train.

Finally, meditate. Turn off distractions and quiet your mind for 10 minutes a day. This is the time when new ideas have a chance to make themselves known. By now you will be feeling good from the exercise and the fun, and be in a state to grab those ideas and follow them through. This is riding the train to a destination, before hopping off and jumping on another.

You might visit Stagnation Station many times in your life. You might know people who never leave. But just think of everything you'll miss seeing and doing if you never get on a train.

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