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The dance between mindset and action

Have you ever seen a piece of modern art and thought 'I could do that?'

Well, maybe you could have. But the difference between you and the artist is that they had a vision about what they wanted to create, believed they could, and they made it a reality.

The same goes for people who seem to get a lot done. They have a vision about what they want to do, they believe they can do it, and then they go through the necessary steps to bring their vision to life.

It's a dance between mindset and action.

About six years ago I cycled through Vietnam. Towards the end of the tour we had a 30km mountain climb (that's just over 18.5 miles). The climb was just as much a mental challenge as it was a physical challenge. I needed to believe I could do it, and tell myself I was strong enough to reach the top (especially in the final few kilometers when my body was super tired).

But mindset alone was not enough to get me to the top. I needed to do the action of turning the pedals. I needed all the action leading up to the climb—from the hours of training I did before I went on the trip, to feeding my body the right food and getting enough rest so that I was physically ready.

I could not have made the climb with mindset alone if I wasn't physically ready, and no amount of training would have worked if my mind had gone 'let's not bother, you won't be able to do this'.

There's a bit of mindset in action, and a bit of action in mindset. They work together.

Your mind has a role to play in getting you to do the action (e.g. encouraging yourself to get out of bed early on a cold morning for a training session), and doing the action helps with your mind (for instance, once you finish the training session you have proven to yourself that you have the ability to do it, which boosts your confidence and sense of accomplishment).

You need to set clear goals and effective actions and also have belief in yourself to pushing through any mental barriers that are keeping you stuck.

That's why I am running two Meraki Masterclasses.

Great Goals on 30 January at 8pm AEDT will take you through: + How to write a goal + Getting connected to your goals + Goal-setting in different areas of your life (work, money, love, health, hobbies, self-growth) + The difference between a goal and an action + Setting actions and creating momentum to achieve your goals

Mindset Makeover on 6 February at 8pm AEDT will cover: + Why you self-sabotage + How to overcome procrastination + How to become friends with your inner critic + Ways to get motivated and get things done ... and much more.

The classes will take place via Zoom. The recordings will be sent to you after the class, so if you can't attend live you will still receive all of the information.

Each class is $29, or attend both for $49 (use the code GOALMIND at checkout).

Book now—spots are limited.

Here's to creating a balance of mindset and action in 2019.


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