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The dial-up approach

Drop your expectations for instant growth.

The internet came into my life when I was about 15. In those early days of dial-up, you had to have patience while you connected, and if someone rang you on the phone (a landline, obviously), you were disconnected and had to start all over again. It might have been a bit frustrating, but at the same time it was what we knew—and being online was oh so new and exciting that we would wait patiently for a page to load. It might have taken awhile, but we got there.

Now, we want to be connected instantly. Any delays or issues in connecting is met with acute frustration. We expect instant replies to text messages and our calls to always be answered.

This flows through to other areas of our lives. We want instant change, instant growth, our problems solved easily. We don't want to wait for dial-up anymore—bring on the 5G.

I see it with people a lot (and to be honest, within myself): I want my money blocks gone now, a relationship now, the job I want now, the body I want now ...

It's this hurry to get through life that stresses us out. It's the feeling that everything has to be done instantly so that we can then tick it off our list and move on. But life doesn't work like that. It takes the time it needs to take.

The truth is, some things take time before they truly click within you. Take yoga, for example: There have been particular poses that I have found challenging, not really understanding what I needed to do with my body and mind to get there. But after working on things for awhile, experiencing the different feelings in my body and even having a different teacher explain it in a different way, I got there. I just needed to give myself the patience to get there. The dial-up approach.

And in this dial-up state, there is always the chance that someone is going to call on the landline and interrupt what we are doing. Perhaps the job we want is given to someone else, we don't fall pregnant, the person we are dating leaves us. It's not the end. We can reconnect and get back to what we want—but this time we have a bit more knowledge, a bit more experience.

Delays are opportunities for us to learn what we need to, even meet someone else who can explain it to us in a different way. It's about allowing life to unfold in the way it needs to, for you to learn what you need to learn.

So perhaps the next time you find yourself frustrated that things aren't happening in the way you would like, or as quickly as you would like, relax into it and allow it to load. It'll be worth the wait.


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