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The heartbeat of the future

Astro update: Full Moon in Aquarius

Two weeks ago with the New Moon in Leo we began a new journey which started in our hearts. We spoke to the deepest parts of ourselves, and asked what we wanted to create.

Now the Full Moon in Aquarius asks us to expand our vision, to take it to the next level, to allow our minds to take what was in our hearts and go wild!

For Aquarius—the freedom-seeking, innovating, visionary—the sky isn't the limit. We must go out further, beyond what we can see, to create new realities in the stratosphere. (Don't limit yourself by worrying about how you are going to do it—

we'll get around to planning the details in a couple of weeks with the help of the Virgo New Moon.)

With the Full Moon opposite the Sun in Leo, we are supported by playful, creative energies that will allow us to take our thoughts to the next level.

Yes, Aquarius wants us to expand our dreams. Let's not play small here, people. Small doesn't change the world, and Aquarius is all about making big changes to benefit the collective.

Take your dream and ask yourself 'how does this benefit others?' Maybe the answer isn't obvious at first, but keep at it. Perhaps your vision of improving your health will benefit your family by creating positive habits for your children. Or getting better at managing your finances will result in having more money to donate to causes near and dear to your heart, helping a greater number of people.

When we focus on the positives of our goals, and how the outcome will make us feel, we increase our chances of success. And helping others feels good, right? Even if you have a positive influence on just one person, it will create a ripple effect that will spread out and create something bigger.

Also at the moment we have a bit of action in Leo, opposite the Full Moon. Venus is hanging out with the Sun, with Mars close by. This combination will help highlight for us our warrior spirit, how we go out and fight for what we want (Mars), with the balance of how we attract and receive what we want (Venus).

Ask yourself: How have you been holding yourself back from going after what you want? And in what ways have you been stopping yourself from receiving? Clearing these issues now will help you out later down the track.

So, my wildly inventive change-makers: What are you creating? How will you shine? What beat is your heart marching to as it heads toward a new future?

To do:

  • Dust off your intention from the Leo New Moon. Didn't make one? Catch up here.

  • Ask yourself 'how can I take this dream to the next level?' Play the improv game of 'yes and', where you take an idea and keep adding another layer to it.

  • Determine how your dream will expand out and benefit others.

  • Think of where you have been holding yourself back from going after what you want, and how you are blocking receiving good things. Write these down, then destroy them (preferably by burning them, but make sure you do it safely).


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