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There's a hole in my bucket

Are you fixing things properly?

When I was a kid my Dad used to play me records. One of his favourite songs started with a woman screeching ‘Henry, go fetch the water!’ to which Henry replied that he couldn’t because there was a hole in his bucket.

The woman, whose name it turns out was Liza, told him to fix it. With what? asks Henry. This goes on for some time, with Henry finding an objection to everything Liza suggests. It goes full circle with Henry needing water to wet a stone to sharpen the axe to cut the straw that will fix the hole in his bucket ... but he can’t fetch the water because of said hole.

Around and around in circles. Plus, I was never convinced that straw would fix a hole in a bucket—I mean, wouldn’t the water leak through?

Clearly the guy would be better off throwing out the old bucket and buying a new one that can do its bucket duties. Or putting in some more effort to fix the bucket properly with a soldering iron.

I feel like we can be like Henry, looking for something that will fix the hole in our bucket and finding reasons why we can't. Or plugging it with leaky straw in the hope that it will hold.

What leaky buckets are in your life? And what are you doing to fix them?


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