When life feels like it is coming apart, keep pulling on the thread.

Have you ever pulled at a loose thread on an item of clothing only to find that instead of snapping off, the thread unravels more? 

And perhaps if you didn’t stop pulling, you would eventually find that you pull apart the whole garment, ending up with a handful of thread. 

You would then have two choices. You could throw the thread away, or you could use it to create a new garment.

This is sometimes what happens to us in life. There may be some loose ends, and for some of them you could easily break them off, put an end to it without thinking and move on. 

But for others, you may tug at an idea or a path and find yourself unravelling. 

This unravelling isn’t easy. You wonder why you are doing it, ruining a perfectly good life, yet you can’t stop yourself. You have to know. Even though the world as you know it is falling apart around you, and you rage at yourself for being so destructive, it is important to keep pulling the thread. 

Then you get to the end. In your hand is a pile of thread that was your life. It’s unrecognisable. You have two choices. You could throw it away, or you could begin to knit it into something new. 

You don’t want to throw it away. It would be a waste. After all, it’s perfectly good thread. So you begin to piece it together. You might not have a pattern, but that’s okay. You can make it up as you go along. 

You might find some sparkly new thread to weave in with it. You could add some new elements. Carefully choosing each thing because it is just right. 

When you have finished, you admire yourself. This new life fits you much better than the old one. You look and feel good. 

It’s now clear why you felt like you had to destroy the old one. It wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t as great as this. 

It was worth unravelling so you could create something new. 

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