Venus Retrograde in Capricorn

Time to reflect on self-love, money and relationships

Every 18 months Venus, the planet of love, beauty, abundance, self-worth, values and relationships turns retrograde.

The retrograde period lasts for 40 days and 40 nights, and this time around the host sign is Capricorn.

Dates for Venus retrograde in Capricorn

Pre-retrograde shadow begins: 17 November

Retrograde: 19 December 2021 to 29 January 2022

Post-retrograde shadow ends: 1 March 2022

About Venus

Venus is the ruler of two signs: Taurus and Libra. The Taurus connection is linked to us finding the things that provide pleasure, satisfaction and a sense of self-value. In Libra, the focus is on the process of learning how to choose, balance, harmony and connection with others.

Venus is very secure in who she is and what she has to offer. She gives joyfully to others but does not depend on them for her sense of self-worth. When she gives, it’s because she wants to, not out of a sense of obligation or in trying to get something in return.

Venus is commonly linked to relationships, but she is more than that.

Attraction and receiving

Venus represents how we attract the things that we love, value and desire. Through her, we determine what we appreciate and then draw it into our lives.

Self worth and money

Venus also relates to our own self-worth. When we value ourselves, our talents and abilities, we feel worthy of attracting money, relationships, jobs, opportunities.


Venus rules how we give and receive love, the pleasure we get from being in a relationship and the receptive side of sexuality.

Beauty and the arts

Venus also rules beauty, specifically the things that we find beautiful and our personal style. How we dress and the way we decorate our home is all Venus work.

The movement of Venus through the sky is beautiful. Over an eight year cycle, she traces a path around the Sun that creates a near-perfect pentagram, or five-petaled flower—very fitting for the planet of love and beauty. (Watch a video of it here.)

Venus in retrograde

Like all retrogrades, it is a chance for all of the re- words: reflect, renew, reevaluate, reset etc. but in line with the themes of Venus: relationships, self-worth, money, beauty, attracting/receiving.

During a Venus retrograde, past romances can make their way into your thoughts for you to review what worked and what didn’t. Sometimes an ex will get back in touch. Relationships might suddenly end, or quickly go to the next level.

Venus begins the retrograde as an evening star (the bright star you see in the sky just before sundown). About two weeks after the retrograde begins she vanishes from view for approximately eight days and reemerges as a morning star (rising just before the sun).

As she comes to the end of her evening star cycle we too are bringing things to an end: toxic relationships, limiting beliefs, destructive and abusive behaviours. The period where she vanishes from view is like wiping the slate clean: we have a blank canvas on which to draw our new vision of our love lives. When Venus returns as a morning star, this is our opportunity to bring these new visions to life.

Venus retrograde in Capricorn

This retrograde will be in the sign of Capricorn. As an earth sign, Capricorn is concerned with the here and now, what’s tangible and what will last. It is focused on structure, planning and commitment—doing what it needs to do to achieve its goals, dreams and ambitions.

Venus in Capricorn turns her attention to what she values in long-term commitments. It feels like a time to get serious when it comes to matters of the heart. If you’re single and dating you’ll find yourself more discerning about who you swipe right on; if you’re in a relationship you’ll be looking toward the future and the direction you want to move in.

It’s a good time to reflect on how you are valuing money and what you can do to help it work for you. Research what investments will work for you.

With Venus also ruling our sense of self-worth and how we attract what we want, this is a beneficial time to dive into any self-sabotage and fears that are holding you back from receiving what you want.

Venus stations retrograde within hours of Chiron stationing direct. Chiron is the wounded healer and is currently in the sign of Aries. This transit has us looking at how we assert and express ourselves as individuals, so it is very interesting that we have the outcome of this to take into the Venus retrograde. We also have the Full Moon in Gemini within hours of Venus and Chiron changing direction which will add some oomph to the day. (Keep an eye out for my Gemini Full Moon post for more.)

A relationship is about two people connecting with each other. I’ve said before how it’s the balance between the We and the Me. Venus is also asking you to explore how your relationship with yourself has changed—this is something that we all must do, so that when we connect with people whether they are friends, family, colleagues or a romantic partner, we meet them from a place where we know who we are and what we value and desire.

What to avoid during a Venus retrograde

The main rule to remember while Venus is in retrograde is not to do any big makeovers or changes to your appearance. If you’ve been wanting to change your hairstyle, wait until Venus is direct (back before I knew better I changed my hairstyle during a Venus retrograde and couldn’t wait for it to grow out again. Strangely, when I got a similar hairstyle during a non-retrograde period I loved it). General haircuts where you are just getting a trim and maintaining your current cut and colour are fine. Also avoid permanent things like tattoos as it may not turn out the way you’d like it to.

Where this retrograde will show up for you

Your personal experience of Venus retrograde in Capricorn will depend on where Capricorn is in your birth chart. The following outlines the areas of your life where you will be doing some extra reflecting. Book in for a personal chart reading to learn more.