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What are you building?

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer is asking us to step up and build on the foundations we set in January 2019.

How great it would be to have a crystal ball and see into the future. Because if you were sure that everything would work out, it would make it easier for you to trust the process.

You would know what decision to make, which step to take next. You would be prepared for conversations and have your responses all ready to go.

But—we don't have crystal balls, and we don't know what the result will be.

Right now, the future seems foggier than usual. The certainty that you felt a couple of months ago has shifted. You know that change is on the horizon, but you aren't exactly sure what the outcome will be. All you can do is strap yourself in for the ride and trust.

This New Moon Solar eclipse in Cancer on July 2/3 (depending on timezone) will hide the sun's light, essentially hiding our own light for a little and forcing us to go within. It is asking us to turn inward and look at our inner desires.

It is an opportunity to get really focused on what we want, and then start taking steps toward it.

So, what is it that you want? What has been whispering at your soul asking to come to the surface? What dream have you been hiding while you take the safe road, the known path?

And what fears and excuses have you been believing about why you can't have what you want? It's time to let them go. Tell them that you no longer need their involvement. You have all the skills, talent and tenacity you need to bring this dream to life.

New Moons represent beginnings, the seeding of an idea. This particular one is connected to the eclipse season that we went through at the start of 2019. You may find that certain things that you started then will come back around now. Without realising it, you have spent the past six months laying the foundations and now it is time for you to take those ideas and run with them.

Have you ever seen a house being built? For the longest time, it looks like just a concrete slab. Then they start building the frame up, which then quickly flows into walls and a roof, and you before you know it the house is finished.

These past six months you have been laying your foundation, and now is the time to start putting up the framework. With the energy of the eclipse, things will flow quickly—but you will be ready for the changes.

You may not yet know what your house will look like when it is finished, but rest assured that it will be grander and more magnificent than you planned.

Because if you knew exactly how incredible the outcome of your dream would be, you would feel too overwhelmed to even begin. That is why the plans appear obscured right now.

You just need to go step-by-step and trust that what you are building is perfect for you.

No crystal balls needed.


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